14 - Chicken
14 - Chicken chicken stories

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Having trouble with the parents?
I am trying to become more interested in dreams. So far it's been nothing but failure :P

14 - Chicken

I found this image on a dream interpretation site about the Chicken:

I have had a similar convo 3-4 times with members from Commaful

But getting shat-on is part of the basic teen-package for everyone, so don't sweat it too much.

Been a teenager is way worse than you think it is (Once you get the more "adult" perspective,)

You will be left wondering how on earth it is that most teenagers make it out alive.

It REALLY get's better,

But you have one major hurdle to overcome and that is leaving the house of your parents.

As much as your parents may love you, they had you for long enough, and they want you out

Which is why you do not need to be shocked that they go out of the their to "annoy" you.

Even if you were a model child (which you are not) you HAVE to get out of that house ASAP

Problem is that the real world is scary & complex in ways you are not ready for at ALL.

I know people do not like my "abrasive" style, but I am being incredibly loving all things considered

Mark my words: You will get CRUSHED out there in ways you can not forsee.

Are you familiar with the Sandbox mode in video games?

That's how school feels to me when compared to the last 9 years alone in Berlin.

No doubt my case is extreme. If you stay in your country and city, it's way less dramatic.


I never, in a million years, thought I would have to leave/escape my country and cross the globe.

That is why I stress so much the importance of building character and toughening​ you up

I just really wish that I could make you feel how betrayed and stupid you will feel when...

you encounter real world adversity and you realize you only got two skills on beginner level and a huge troll just whacked you

You will remember me that day and you'll think: "Shit, I should have listened"

Not IF but WHEN that happens, just search for me on social media and say you are from this site

and I will try to help you and not say: "I told you so"

God Bless and all that

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