13 - Baseball
13 - Baseball baseball stories

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Last time he put one on me (it was my fault 100%) I swallowed the bitterness and swore to myself I would not ever act as he does.
The more I dig into
my behaviors and
thoughts the more grim it gets. But lately is it getting rather easy to critique myself and move on.
I got some inspiration by this video I found on youtube.
Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/w...

13 - Baseball

Often times, when I meet someone whom I instantly dislike I think:

He or she is likely doing something that I hate about myself

There is a guy that I work with who has a knack for belittling people

And acting like a "know it all", while trying to disguise his lack of skills.

We mutually dislike because we reflect the douchebag in one another.

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