12 - Lizards
12 - Lizards lizards stories

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What I am attempting is to establish that speaking "truth" is one of the days in which we create order out of chaos.
It is also one of the most powerful forms of competence.
Being competent allows you to deal with future unknown chaos and makes life more meaningful

12 - Lizards

In relation to the lizard brain, which might or not be a form of intuition

I sometimes get very bad feelings from a person, and it works online too

More often than not I have push the feeling aside and ignore it

My memory is not great; but I can not remember a time it was not correct

I have learned to trust my intuition blindly and my life is better that way

What some might be confused by is the fact that following your intuition can also lead you into conflict and trouble.

Now it could be that NOT following it would have resulted in MORE conflict. Or that your intuition would lead you into situations that are not comfortable.

But to hear your voice, you have to develop a relationship of trust with yourself, and that means you need to speak the truth. Otherwise, you don't trust nor like or respect yourself.

Then it's no wonder your life has more suffering than it should.

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