12 - Flags
12 - Flags flag stories

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flags and oasis

12 - Flags

I've thought carefully about symbols and what they mean to us, people.

Even though​ flags have turned into symbols, I wonder how they first came to be

I would imagine they were set up in open stretches of land where the wind could interact with them

As opposed to hidden among trees and covered by all the leaves.

I supposed it was used to mark a spot when we first dwelled in savannahs

I imagine water was mostly found within an oasis and those were surrounded by trees (no need for flags)

What if a flag was once a symbolic representation of the tree in an oasis, marking the valuable spot

As I understand, humans evolved to run for long stretches of time in order to run down their prey

That meant that most of the group had to run together in order to eat the animal.

Maybe flags were used to mark the spot in order to be able to travel back to where the oasis was.

So what if a dream that is remembered, was a flag planted which lead us to the oasis?

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