11 - Geese
11 - Geese geese stories

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Goose. In Egyptian mythology, the earth-god Geb (also called Seb, or Keb) was sometimes depicted with a goose surmounting his head. ... In the Roman empire, the goose was the sacred animal of Juno, a goddess of light, marriage and childbirth, who was later considered adviser and protectress of the Roman people.

11 - Geese

I think most women want to be home makers, as much as men breadwinner​s

I say that as a guy who can do every task around the house.

I am certain that women who failed at it, belittled​ the traditional role

Just like people spoke about work and sacrifice as something bad

Most of the world is acting based on the advice of the people who lost

I am highly creative and the more I think about it, the more I realize that the invention of work (willing slavery) is a miracle that has no limits.

WORK done well can be a religious experience. You can feel it with as much meaning as you want to.

And it seems to be like the more you are aware of the good and evil, the more you HAVE to work

I think that the sacrifice that women are called to make is so immense, that the only way for men to justify their life is by offering it to the work

If I can derive such immense​ meaning from the work I do, what could a woman do from raising children and creating a home?

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