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What I show here is weird, but I think it's very cool
Badge = Symbol = Mandala = Dream Catcher

10 - Badge

If you go deep enough, everything is connected in some way.

I am going to show you something I did a while back, which I am still trying to understand

There is a part of you which is relentlessly trying to figure out where and what your "center" is

You think it's an identity you want, but is not. An identity can be composed by badges, and it is a symbol of who you are to others

it's your Persona. You want that persona to remain fairly well defined and predictable to others. Predictability is KEY

I am sure you have met people who are assholes but they do so authentically and expectedly, so people do not seem to mind

It is CRUCIAL to be good, but not at the expense of what makes you WHOLE

So, you need to be constantly updated if you wish to remain relevant and... alive. That's why we socialize and communicate

That is why you like these sort of stories, because they reveal information that you (really) need to stay alive

The point I want to get at is this: If you are constantly being updated, then what is the part of you which remains across the time?

I wanted to figure out a way to visualize the pattern, shape or symbol that resulted from the experiences that I have had in life

I won't get too deep into it but this is more or less the gist of it:

Mind Spirit body Soul

This is all meant to be a "game" But the point is to imagine yourself as the thing which is composed by these four different systems.

You can imagine the these four systems as the characters in an RPG fantasy. Something like the Warrior (body) the Mage (soul), the Paladin/Bard (spirit) the rogue/ranger (mind)

Each of them with their own focus and fields of expertise. Your goal is to figure out how to get those characters to reach their potential and then work together.

Now imagine that each of the four has a quadrant. Inside the circle is everything you know and outside are the things you fear which can kill you

You basically have a city and you want to keep it protected but you want to make sure you know what is out there. You will have to explore.

So you begin to realize that each character can perform different defensive and offensive tasks. But you also need to get them to work together and cover each other

Here we see them trying to figure out each others rhythms and patterns in order to work together

This image represents how each of them is staying in their own quadrant but able to both do offense and defense

But this formation is not well balance, and it certainly lack the symmetry necessary to make your SELF strong from every direction

Now fast forward a LOT of training and you get this:

Here you see that each character has placed itself so that they have an equal presence con every quadrant

The mage which is in blue, is sort of an EYE which is paying attention (Gandalf) while the Warrior is constantly marching in and out of the perimeter of the city

All the while the Paladin or Bard (the lover) is at the center protecting the core of the city

After 10 years, these four characters have not only begin to master themselves but also their group

Notice how shapes have become more complex while retaining their authenticity & their simple nature

It now has a movement to it which almost seems Poetic

Now let's fast forward about 15-20 years and let's see what our Characters have turned into:

There is a large amount of content which I can't share here but I think you can feel what I am trying to get at

I believe, due to my experience and what I can feel intuitively that this is actually happening as we grow and mature

This is the Pattern which results of a life well-lived, and we can feel this in other people who we deeply admire

And so, every time we take an action which is not inline with our personal truth, we deviate from the possibility of becoming this symbol

Each person has the potential to develop one which is absolutely unique and one of the benefits is that it also acts as a compass

A compass which is always pointing you towards the direction where the best adventures can be found

But before you can access those high level adventures, you need to spend time building up yourself correctly

Hope you enjoyed this

In case you are interested I will be working on a project to create a video game which can bridge into real life

And make this aspect of life into something "real" It will use the principles of a digital twin

This is something I have been working towards for about 14 years.

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