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rosarlei commafultips.com 👊
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I am still testing it out,
but I have the impression
I am a lot nicer to work with now then before.
People don't like contemptuous looks it seems (I can be a huge prick)
Just making the place looks nicer

08 - Place

I spent about two years feeling angry when others around dragged feet

Once I got over it, and did not need to be angry at them I changed my focus

Instead of looking at what others were not doing, I looked for work

If I took on the responsibility, I would also get the energy to do it

I worked for the second day at the opening of a place called: Futurium and I was supposed to just sell drinks, but after two hours I had be "promoted" to person in charge.

Tomorrow I will be behind 4-6 people in the restaurant, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Everyone seemed pretty happy to have me there which felt good.

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