06 - Friends & Dreams
06 - Friends & Dreams friend stories

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A personal story about giving your best and how it can save your life

06 - Friends & Dreams

I went on google and did a a search for the terms: Friends & Dreams

A quote attributed to Bob Marley came up and it was this:

I had an experience once, which went even beyond what he describes.

In the face of it, nothing else that exists matters

We became friends, and eventually turned to lovers

But it wasn't long till our ways of life contrasted so that we could not communicate anymore

She did things to herself which I deemed wreckless and decided to cut myself from her.

Luckily, I made sure that before I turned my back, I gave everything that I had to give to her.

Because a month later I found out she had committed suicide

You probably would not believe me if I told you that shortly before it happened,

I experienced a hell in my body, mind and soul which beat me relentlessly​ for 18 hours straight

Before eventually subsiding

I think about her a lot, mostly because I want to make sure that nothing inside of me feels blame

If I was to conclude a lesson from my experience it would be to always give above 100%

Because the only thing which will always be with you is your Conscience

And your conscience can not be tricked nor can it be argued against

The conscience is the one who only understands actions born out of true intention.

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