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rosarlei commafultips.com 👊
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This morning I asked myself the question:

This happened at work
"What do I need to change to become who I am meant to?"

And I got the answer in about 3-5 minutes in the form of a list...

06 - Distribution

Someone I do not like or respect, wagged their finger at me

It's a problem to be "layed low" by someone you do not respect

I had to try a fair bit to find reasons to respect him and see if he was right

It turns out that not respecting someone will have a neg. impact on u

1. Don't fish praise 2. Don't be prized 3. Don't be proud

That was some really bitter medicine I had to take, but I feel immensely empowered right now

It came down to how I was distributing my attention. Instead of making the other person into an "idiot" or a "fool" I made him into something better.

Because you don't want to be the one who is judged by someone you deem to be an idiot

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