03 - “Writing”

   03 - “Writing” writing stories

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Courage is the Philosopher’s Stone. Truth is the water 💧 which grows the Stone out of your fears (seed)

03 - “Writing”

I care more about being assertive than I do about the way you feel

a few years ago I caught myself possessed by a rant about “something”

my sister was on the other end of it, pain screaming from her face

It was not until I was done ✅ that I realized the trails of blood

BIT-size truths are a magic ritual, a process of alchemy through which you can take a feeling, shape it to words (a poem e.i) and nurture your own courage.

It is a way to make something beautiful and uplifting from something unpleasant & cruel It is the true job of the artist to find meaning in pain and to communicate it.

by making art with truth you are also redeeming yourself and others, which allows you to let go of resentment and decrease your lvl of anxiety

This particular background is attained after passing the trial and the truths shared are linked to one of the 6 main personalities of BIT-size Truth

To get started, follow the link in the comments and DM your e-mail

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