03 - Summer (is gone)
03 - Summer (is gone) summer stories

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one thing around which to center your entire life

03 - Summer (is gone)

I have a strong sensation that you can measure the meaning in your life by this one simple notion:

"Are you eager to go to sleep?"

The highest moments in my life coincided with being eager to go to sleep at night and rise early in the morning

But when things were not well, I did not want to go to sleep.

I would need to set audio books and noises around me in order to distract from my thoughts

Entering the dream world is like getting the grade for a test you did today

Unless you prepared well, you do NOT want to see the result you got

Going to sleep is like your own Judgment Day

The question I would ask myself then would be:

How must I live to be eager to sleep at night?

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