01 - The Game
01 - The Game map stories

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These backgrounds show how the dreams are integrated into the person
by their main sin of choice.

01 - The Game

I can not remember a lot about last night's dream

I was trying to explain others how to play the game but I did not have the words

That's because I still have a partial understanding of the game myself

But people seemed more than willing to wait for me to figure out.

I guess the dreams is telling me to be patient and simply play the game for now.

Now, the time I was able to improve my German the most, was when I wrote a diary. I suppose this would help:

Ich kann mich nicht mehr an den Traum der letzten Nacht erinnern

Ich hatte nicht die richtigen Worte um die anderen der Spielregeln zu erklären,

weil ich das Spiel immer noch teilweise selbst verstehe.

aber es sah so aus, als ob die Leute darauf warten würden , dass ich es herausfinde.

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