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I keep asking the question: Around what should I build my life?
The answers I get are Work, Sleep and Food
If I want to imbue my life with even more significance and achieve a good night sleep to do better work tomorrow, what could be better than a good old debriefing?
Let's see how this works out

01 - Month

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof"

I'm ready

"Any regrets you would like to confess?"

none that I can think of

Quarters cleaned, shores taken care of, messages responded, healthy eating, all?


Very well, then tell me about the things you learned today

I figured I need to truly commit myself the current work I have

What further sacrifice? would you do then?

I'll commit to being there at least 30 minutes early

to structure the rest of my habits to increase performance

To focus on the tasks and not what others are not doing

To not indulge in contempt towards the less conscientious

To pre-pack for the next day

To use work as an opportunity to increase Order-creating-skill

To anticipate the needs of the people I work for and with

To meet those needs as best as I can at that moment

Sounds like a good start

What could you have done to improve this free day you had?

Going out for a walk at the park would have improved the day

To be honest, this was quite boring, maybe some more mischief would be in order

Well, you are the Spider Queen

and so it came to pass that every night he would have to face up to his actions

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