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Since I can not remember my dreams, maybe I can induce my own nightmares and fight them out willingly

01 - Geese

The level of fortune I have is something that scares me

and I own that to my parents and my family and the way that I was raised.

I have worked very hard at figuring myself out and I would like to help others do the same, because that is what everyone wants.

Except it is becoming clear that people do not want to get stronger or healthier or free of their "limitations"

and that is a relief because it means that I can focus on me​, and that seems to help others way more than if I actively did things for them

The more competent and disciplined I get, the more interesting things are, and the more responsibility I accept the larger my problems become.

And I think that everyone knows that if they decide to get stronger, they will have less freedom, less choices and less fun.


The reality seems to be the complete opposite. Because the more I know about Good and Evil, the more I work, the less free time I have,

The more people I have to (literally) serve, the less credit I get and the more happy and fulfilled I am as a result.

To the point that I honestly can not believe how lucky I am to be able (and free) to give everything I have to a job that everyone hates

Work has always saved my soul in those periods where I was most lost.

And yet, we all complain about it and feel entitled to it. But how many will admit that the meaning or lack thereof they derive is their own responsibility?

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