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01 - Fight

I was 17 and in my senior year of highschool

As it was usual, a "mateY"​ was getting teased by "mateX"

mateX landed a piece of chalk in_ side the glasses of mateY

My auto laughter prompted mateY, to unleash a fury of nails on me

Mind obscured by uncharted pain, I punched his face three times.

Years of undealt pain had suddenly broken a nose & a right hand.

HOW TO USE THIS RITUAL: The main goal of this ritual is to help you nurture Courage. Courage is the philosopher's stone, the element which can destroy suffering. Two main actions develop courage: 1. Seeing 2. Acting

For it to work, we must first set our intentions correctly. The correct intention is to do do the most amount of good possible and the least amount of bad possible. However, we can not pretend to know what is "good" and what is "bad" which is why the VERY first step is:

Admit that you do not know how to differentiate good from bad, nor do you know how to speak the best possible truth. For that, we must command INNOCENCE to guide us and show us the path. Then we a leap of faith, act and get ready to assume the consequences of our actions. Use this prayer:

"I admit that I do not know how to speak and act on the best possible truth, so I call upon the force of the INNOCENCE to work through me and to do it on my behalf. For the well being of all, that I am now. And so it is"

And then write.

Notice that you are also sharpening your imagination by limiting your space of "truth" to a small box and a few lines.

Creativity and imagination are activated as a result of engaging with "limitations" in a playful manner.

However, playful does not mean inconsequent. The most interesting games are those in which our life is at stake.

Playful refers to the state of flow in which a human being enters when he or she aligns their interests with those of the world.

While in the state of flow, your perception of time disappears, causing you to get lost in the present moment.

Free of existential anxiety

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