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I like the idea of the dream world could be as real as anything else. I believe it has to be due to the forces of evolution and emergence. Some common sense and real-world experience would suggest that we don't throw away a third of our life to rejuvenate our mind and body.

Seeing how versatile and efficient we are as creatures, leads me to think that we go into the dream world to do what we do when we are awake: Create order out of the chaos or witness as it happens.

Of course, I have no intention of convincing anyone. I am thinking about ways in which ti view life that makes it more exciting and meaningful — something for my imagination to engage.

If I can remember my dreams and be more present, I can enjoy all sort of adventures. If we can control some aspects of our dreams, how come we are not all utterly obsessed with going into the dream world to have adventures?

Maybe it's because dreams contain truth and we don't like it very much.

As for my dreams, I still have a hard time remembering them, although they are quite exciting and adventurous. Two days ago I was collecting food for my Ark ^^

01 - Cube

I like the idea of dreams being as real as this moment

Seeing how efficient and versatile we are; why would it not be that way?

I believe that we are made to evoke, witness & create Order out of Chaos

Which is exactly what we do in our dreams. (I think)

I am not trying to convince anyone, I am simply trying to infer things from the way I am acting

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