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This is how to deal with ANXIETY - The Stomach-Knot.
Would you like to join my challenge? ^^

- It's all about YOU - A Sunday Special

Let's talk about POTENTIAL.

1. Why it is a RESPONSIBILITY to develop it.

2. Why it is DANGEROUS to NOT tend to it.

3. HOW to develop your UNIQUE potential.

Let's go!

1. Why it is a responsibility to develop your potential?

Life itself is potential.

You can either strive for it, or run away from it.

We love babies so much because they are the purest form of human potential.

Everything about them speaks to:

E n d l e s s P o s s i b i l i t i e s

There is nothing we value more than that.

That is in part why children are so precious to us.

INNOCENCE is at the core of human potential.

Innocence is the prerequisite for courage, optimism, creativity and love.

But because it is so valuable it is also a target...

When a person has become twisted, resentful, and wants to take revenge on society, who do they target?

Think what the most atrocious crime that a human being can carry.

and you will understand what we most care about.

The sexual abuse and murder of a child, specifically a girl, is by FAR the most horrific thing that a person can do.

I believe that this speaks, not only to how much we value children, innocence and potential, but also the females of our species.

Every encounter you have with a human being is telling you how much that person is doing FOR or AGAINST their own potential.

You either admire or feel jealous towards them, OR

You feel pity or contempt when you see them.

But you are effectively reacting to whether they strive to, or run away from their own potential.

next point:

2. Why it is dangerous to not develop your potential?

I'll go straight to the punchline:

Not developing​ your potential will cause all that power to collapse on itself and it will make you self-destructive,​ and harmful to others.

The person who turns into an​ absolute force for evil, is a person whose potential has completely collapsed on him or herself.

Last point:

3. How do I develop my unique potential?

This also happens to be the solution to your ANXIETY

In order to do this,​ you need ONE habit.

You don't need skill, talent or anything, in order to develop this ONE habit.


You need to LOOK at the things around you which call your attention.

Chaos and disorder, are always calling for you

It might be a stain on the floor,

dust on your desk,

an unorganized closet or an unmade bed...

These things represent the first steps to your adventure.

Before you can ever figure out yourself and what you want, you need to prove that you can keep a clean room.

Ros, now you are JUST being silly.

EVERYTHING in life is a two-part​ act:

Act one: 1. Identify Chaos

Act two: 2. Bring ORDER to Chaos

When I make these pieces, what I am doing is: 1. Locate the chaos around me. 2. Take action to bring order.

But if my bed, and personal hygiene and business affairs were not all taken care of, I would not be able to do it.

Great, Ros. But what action can I take right now, order to move in that direction?

I am glad you asked

For the next two weeks, I want to offer you a small challenge:

Make your bed and make your room, JUST a tiny bit cleaner.

Ros, that sounds silly...

Here are some of the things that happens when you make your bed and clean your room.

1. You immediately feel better in your own body.

(Which eventually makes you realize that you are not JUST your body.)

2. You are learning how to spot "chaos" and how to bring "order" to that chaos.

(That makes you COMPETENT and increases self-confidence.)

3. Order is followed by beauty. Once you begin to understand and spread "order" around you, beauty will begin to reveal itself.

I promise you 100% that everything you want and do not want in your life, will fix themselves if you begin to bring order to the chaos around you.

If you want more proof, google the daily routines of Shaolin Monks.

Go check out how much of their day is spent "cleaning".

To summarize:

We all have a unique potential to strive towards to.

Potential emerges when we bring order to chaos, no matter where and what.

Self- Confidence equals Competence which comes from bringing ORDER to Chaos

Anxiety builds up when we ignore the chaos in our life​, because our subconscious is thinking:

"Hmmm I just told her that there was chaos there, but she ignored me and ran away."

"I guess that the dirty floor or unmade bed is something I should be scared of from now on."

You have been teaching your self that the world around you is full of dangers, which is why you suffer from anxiety.

Today, just do ONE thing. And know that you are not on your own anymore.

Have a nice day my lovelies!

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