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rosariatrisna Just a poet who is nervous.
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Just random art i create at random times of the day.

Spring yet Fall

There was once believed to be a mythical creature, Who really believed in the powerful season of fall. She thought that Fall would bring her notes of knowledge.

Knowledge through colors and misunderstood frozen artifacts. As a mythical being, she brought them to life. Restored their youth and gave them comfort,

And waited for Fall to eventually come again. To compose a new historic story, A love novel no one could see..

But there was also to be believed in a God like being, Who hoped that spring was his beloved. He appreciated the wonderful gifts of nature.

With putting the vibrant gifts to rest. As a heroic being he created history from nothing. Destroying beauty for pride and gave nothing but death.

And so he waited for the mercy of Spring to a rise again. To wash off the bruises and mistakes, The nightmare everyone remembers.

But time would only tick by. To the seasons of purity. And to the seasons of evil. Spring yet Fall never could be.

Summer yet Winter were always there. Evil and Good. The true love story will forever be.

Just another romantic tragedy. For genuine Spring could never be. The anxious Fall will ever be.

Life and Death. The most unforgivable love story. Ever to be written yet again... By Rosaria Trisna

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