My Bouquet
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rosariatrisna Just a poet who is nervous.
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Feelings I could never shake off. No matter how happy I can be this feeling will lurk in the corners..

©Rosaria Trisna 6/2018

My Bouquet

Quite the coincidence, right? The elegant pathway was covered in a lake of frozen tears. Beautiful pillars stood so still in blankets of white.

The small dancing pale fairies fell from the sky. What the weird circumstance this is.. The strange demon wore a medieval suit of armor.

While I, the entranced slave, in pure white rags. The steps in the path were being covered away like secrets. Waltzing straight into danger, I barely breathe.

Chills roll on my skin loving the taste of his lust. The loving being had eyes that glowed gorgeously in the white paradise. How could anyone not see the terrifying horns and malicious tail?

The head piece I wore hid my tears and bruises. Smiling, I was so happy and so blind. The perfect being took my hand and began its demise.

My bouquet and my soul was sold to him. For eternity he will reign over me. My flower petals shriveled and withered in my hands.

The clock ticked almost backwards in fear. The cathedral bells roared in cheers.

My life contract instantly signed. I was married to the devil's son just like that.

And they pronounced us, Mr. and Mrs. Depression

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