Should I Come Out?
Should I Come Out? poetry stories

rosalynne Hello! I write poetry
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I just watched "Happiest Season" (it's very good) and I've been thinking about coming out, so this is a poem about that

Should I Come Out?


You may have heard of them

They're an evil organization who pushes their sexuality onto children!

Just kidding

Those are the straights!

(Not all straights)

But there's sure a lot of them!

Seriously, though


Should I tell them I'm one of them?


But should I?

Maybe they'll figure it out on their own

I mean it's pretty obvious

Or at least to other gays

I'm still scared

When I told her she said

"You're too young"

I'm still young

But that doesn't mean that I don't know

Because I know

And I shouldn't have to come out

None of them ever came out

Why should I?

"Because they're straight"

And I know that's true

But I still think that it's unfair

I cry myself to sleep

Terrified of what they'll think

Meanwhile they quickly fall asleep

Cause they know no matter what

The world will take them in their arms

So I've decided

I won't tell them

At least

Not yet

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