Please Don't Die
Please Don't Die poetry stories
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rosalynne Hello! I write poetry
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Just a short little poem about some fears and anxieties I have about people close to me dying.

Please Don't Die

I'd never say this out loud

But I have a thought

That terrifies me day and night

Please don't die

Please please please don't die

I beg of you don't die

I need you in my life

Without you I'd be lost

You're the only thing anchoring me to this world

If you died -

I don't know what I'd do if you died

I can't even bear think what would happen

All I know is I can't have you dying

If you died -

Just don't die

Cause if you died -

I don't want to know what would happen

If you died -


Please Don't

Please Don't Die

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