Knife In Your Back
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rosalynne Hello! I write poetry
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Just... people in love are exhausting. Also all the images are completely random

Knife In Your Back

So you have a knife in your back

But you're still smiling

And you still love her

This isn't even the first time

You've been stabbed before

She's stabbed you before

So many times

For such a long time

So, why?

Why do you still love her?

I don't understand

But I can't tell you this

Because you'll think I love you the same way you love her

And I don't

I really don't

But she's stabbed you so many times

She never aims for the heart

Those punches are always so planned

But she still claims she didn't mean to

She always means to

But you don't believe me

You're supposed to trust me

Yet you always pick her over me


No, don't answer, I know why

You're blinded by love

And you won't listen to me

You won't listen to anything negative I have to say about her

But I know her

I know her better than you do

She doesn't care to put her candy cane persona with me

Because she and I, we're just the same

But she prefers to hide who she is

Rather than admit that she's flawed, and people might not like her

I'm ok with hiding

I'm prefect with lying

But she even deceives you

Who she claims to love so much

So look at the knife in your back

And tell me

Do you believe me now?

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