Perfect is the sound of you breaking -yoonmin love uwu
Perfect is the sound of you breaking -yoonmin love uwu sex stories

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Jimin likes being good, he likes being perfect.

Perfect is the sound of you breaking -yoonmin love uwu

Jimin likes being good, he likes being perfect.

On such occasions just like tonight, he burned with the fire of a thousand suns and Yoongi was the one to witness. His thighs quake, spine develops shivers, eyes rolling from all the sensations building up against the pit of his belly when Yoongi only breathes against his skin. He tries to whimper softly, exhaling only little hot breaths that sound like little mewls but the heat explodes inside his chest when Yoongi starts

“Don’t hold them,” a deep mumble falls from Yoongi’s lips, eyes drifting upwards to Jimin’s face when he executes his soft demand, “we’re alone, be as loud as you want.”

Jimin rocks his hips up against Yoongi’s hands when the demand gets spoken, head already buzzing with something like white noise and arousal, “Hyung, it’s sensitive,” he whines, flushing pink across his cheeks when he feels embarrassment crawling against his skin, “you’re making it—ah, really sensitive,” he whispers, breaking eye contact with his boyfriend when Yoongi blows a breath closer to his groin.

It takes Jimin three pants to fold his small, chubby fingers over the length of the sleeves of his sweater he was wearing—Yoongi’s oversized Thrasher, big enough to fall past Jimin’s upper thighs and hanging off over his ass—and two whines for him to ball up the fabric inside his fists. He holds his breath when Yoongi moves his jaw forward, bottom lip slowly inching down towards the fabric of his tight baby blue briefs, right above the hardening of his cock.

“Please,” he begs, eyes watering from a prolonged foreplay that has already knocked him into a frenzy, a foreplay that only included small kisses, chaste and soft against his thighs and bucking knees.

He’s too strung out for it to continue like this, but Yoongi has always pushed his buttons as far as he could, as far as Jimin allowed, “hyung,” he sighs, eyes shifting downwards in a unashamed plea for friction.

“Baby is so needy tonight,” Yoongi chuckles, the hot breaths sending jolts down Jimin’s spine and he juts his hips up in surprise, missing Yoongi’s lips by centimeters, “tell me what you want, huh? Use your words for hyung, ‘minnie.”

“I want,” and this is where Jimin starts to get breathless, Yoongi’s darkening eyes scrutinizing his movements in such a way that has him feeling electricity in his veins—but Jimin just wants to be perfect, wants to be what Yoongi craves

“you to touch me,” he licks his lips, patchy throat bargaining moisture that he lacks inside his mouth, “want you to fuck me.”

“Mm, fuck you? Want me to kiss you here?” and the motion that happens next makes Jimin gasp, eyes widening, the feeling surprised him so much that he had to cover his mouth with his sleeves.

Yoongi presses a finger against his entrance and even with the obscurity of his briefs the feeling jolts him, “Want me to taste you there?”

Jimin shakes, rocking his hips helplessly for more when Yoongi digs his finger further, “Yes, oh my god, please,” he whines, teeth biting against his sleeve, “more, please,” words muffling against the cotton.

Look at you,” Yoongi whispers, eyes falling downcast at the wet spot on Jimin’s underwear, painting the color a dark blue,

“already so damn wet when we’ve barely started. Is this what you want? For hyung to eat you out?”

Jimin tries his hardest to hide his embarrassment, the blush against his cheeks was starting to spread down his neck. He’s too shy to admit that yes, that’s really what he wants, for Yoongi to devour him against his tongue and to taste him,

to have Yoongi use his lips in the most filthiest way because Yoongi was damned good at it. So he just nods his head fervently, moans hidden on the sleeve of his sweater but Yoongi moves a hand up, pushing Jimin’s hand away.

“Say it,” is all Yoongi demands, voice still soft but the lace of something more dripping in the undertones.

“Hyung,” Jimin starts, gasping when Yoongi puts bottom lip against his cock as soon as the word leaves his lips. He stops talking when Yoongi sucks at the leaking tip, the cotton of his briefs now darker than blue than it was previously, “ngh, hyung please, please, eat me out.”

Yoongi doesn’t bat an eyelash when he folds his fingers underneath the band of Jimin’s briefs, pulling down the cotton so quick that the movement makes Jimin give a small yelp as his cock bounces free

He’s at bliss watching Yoongi throw the fabric to the side, at bliss when Yoongi kisses him right at the juncture of his thighs before he dips his finger inside his mouth to wet it.

Jimin stills his breathing as Yoongi plucks the finger out of his mouth, his hands now fisting the bedsheets with anticipation when the older lowers it down, “Oh,”

he moans because he knows what’s coming next, his heart beating hard inside his chest, “mm, fuck,” he purrs when Yoongi takes that damped finger and circles his entrance with it, springing up sensations that crawls from the back of his thighs before traveling to his spine.

Yoongi’s eyes hold nothing but sex, kitten like in it’s form but piercing as it gauges Jimin’s reaction because he loved watching Jimin fall apart underneath his touch just as much as Jimin loved doing so,

Move your hips closer to the edge, baby,” the older groans when Jimin bucks his hips forward, “let me get a good view of you.”

Jimin scoots down, large sweater shifting upwards against his body as he moves. He notices the way Yoongi clenches his jaw by the way his cock bounces, standing so pretty and pink as it erects and falls against his stomach.

Yoongi shifts his knees against the carpet, eyes roaming at Jimin’s pink entrance before he shoves his hands underneath the curve of Jimin’s ass, “Legs up,” and Jimin abides, spreading his legs wider across the sheets before flushing, “shit, Jimin, you’re so ready.”

He loves the praises, basks in them, wants them, craves them and the way that Yoongi reciprocates them makes him feel so special, so perfect. He’s so perfect for Yoongi.

Yoongi drags his face down, jaw shifting forward before his tongue peaks out of his mouth and Jimin follows every movement. He tucks his chin towards his chest, using one of his hands to hold his cock upwards so Yoongi had access but he pumps down softly,

mewling when the pleasurable tingles spreads through his body. He’s so sensitive when he uses an index finger to drag against the slit of his cock, but downright aching when Yoongi gives that first lick against his entrance.

“Fuck,” he curses, knowing full well that the older doesn’t mind the obscenities falling from his lips.

He’s knocked into awe when Yoongi rims his pink with a precise circle, tip of his tongue flexed and pointed so it drags just the right way against his skin. He gives an upstroke on his cock as precum leaks over his fingers, moaning loudly when Yoongi flattens his tongue so right that it feels like silk moving between the folds.

He tries his hardest to hold down his cries, tries his hardest to remain steady but Yoongi is so good at tainting him, so good at fucking debauching him, he starts whimpering.

Yoongi licks tendrils, waves of movements that makes Jimin feel like he blacked out for a few moments but he sees blinding white when Yoongi pushing his tongue inside, fucking his entrance so fluidly that he gasps loudly and cups his face with a free hand, eyes peeking through his fingers.

It’s then that Yoongi’s eyes trail upwards, a loud and low guttural leaving his throat so it vibrates against Jimin’s body. Jimin bucks his hips down, sobbing when Yoongi claws against his ass with his blunt fingernails.

“Can I please,” Jimin stutters, head falling back in a loud keen when Yoongi envelops his mouth over the pink and sucks, “hyung, can I please ride—oh my god, your face?”

Yoongi pulls his face away, pupils blown so heavily they look black and Jimin whimpers, almost wails when the sensation is gone but

“Fuck, you can’t just,” Yoongi growls, dipping his head back down to bite against Jimin's thighs, “just say that so fucking cutely.”

Jimin yelps, body jerking forward from the pain and his hand accidentally pumps down against his cock, body writhing from the sudden movement, “Oh, fuck,” Jimin gasps, hand flying away from his face to drag through Yoongi’s hair, “please hyung, please, I need to do—”

“C’mere,” Yoongi cuts him off, gripping his hands against Jimin’s waist before he positions himself on the bed, “let’s get you where you wanna be.”

Jimin follows Yoongi’s movements, knees shaking as he situations himself on top of Yoongi’s lap, moaning loud as he grinds his ass down on his boyfriend’s cock underneath his boxers, “You feel so thick, hyung,” he whines,

bucking his hips forward and back hastily, “I want you to fuck me so hard, so good,” he mewls, senseless babble leaving his mouth because he’s drawing blanks but Yoongi only groans as the words leave Jimin’s lips.

Yoongi moves his hands down and pushes his boxers off his body with Jimin still in his lap, moaning deeply when their bare skin makes contact instead of the cotton.

“Stop, ‘minnie,” Yoongi grunts, hands gripping harshly against Jimin’s waist, “come here, move up.”

Jimin almost loses his mind, the heat of Yoongi’s cock igniting fire as he continues to grind against it, mouth dropping open in small gasps when he feels the leak of precum decorating his entrance.

Jimin guides himself forward, hands catching the headboard as he raises his body up, “God, I wish you could see how good you look like this,”

he hears Yoongi praise, already knowing full well that his hole was clenching around nothing, pink and laced with a bit of white from Yoongi, “perfect, so perfect for me.”

Jimin lowers his body, sighing softly when Yoongi moves the fabric of his sweater over his cock so it wasn’t in the way and sobs when Yoongi’s tongue makes contact against his entrance once again. He knocks his head back, rolling his hips slowly over wet silk,

feeling so filthy with the way they were doing things but not minding at all because it felt too good. Yoongi grips against his thighs, squeezing with force so that they were turning red as Jimin continues to ride his face slowly, cock moving forward and back from the motions.

“This feels so good,” Jimin whimpers, hands moving down so they were gripping against the strands of Yoongi’s blond hair, “hyung, you make me feel so good.”

And on cue Yoongi sucks, loud, tongue digging in so deep that Jimin rolls his eyes back towards the ceiling with the new sensation brimming against his limbs. He uses a hand to pump his cock, jerking his fingers mercilessly with every flow of his hips

he knows he’s so close—he couldn’t last much longer than this even if he wanted to. But, Yoongi edges it on, moving his hand underneath Jimin’s ass and one against his own cock, pumping himself with fierce movements as Jimin continues to grind it out.

“Mm, fuck, fuck!” Jimin screams, inching his hips up for a few moments so that Yoongi could breathe, yanking his boyfriend’s hair in his fingers from feeling so overwhelmed.

Yoongi groans at this, eyes falling shut when Jimin sits back down, hips stuttering and jerking as he rides faster.

He’s leaking so much, the pink tip of his cock blooming red from the heat radiating off his body and he tries his hardest to edge off his orgasm. He could still feel Yoongi pumping himself, finesse in the both of their movements lost with the neediness of their bodies.

I’m gonna—ngh, ah, cum, I’m gonna cum,” Jimin keens, chest knocking forward from the pleasure coming quick, “Yoongi, I’m gonna fucking cum,”

he whines, grinding so quick, undulating his hips with obscenity over Yoongi’s face as he tries so hard to fix his weak posture but the efforts fail.

Yoongi suddenly pushes his face closer, sucking harder, flattening his tongue so that Jimin could get just the right amount of friction to get pushed right off the edge,

“Oh my god,” Jimin keens, moving his hips up and down so that the older’s tongue continues to fuck him inside.

Jimin screams. So loud that his voice cracks, so loud that he falls off Yoongi’s face as his orgasm hits him with a force that has him clawing against Yoongi’s scalp, his cum painting across Yoongi’s face on accident with his messy movements,

Hyung, fuck my mouth,” he begs, shifting his body weakly so he hovers his mouth over Yoongi’s cock, salivating when he sees the amount of precum dancing out of the tip.

“Fuck,” Yoongi croaks, moving his hands off with surprise when Jimin swallows the length completely, “Jimin.”

And Jimin wants to be perfect, wants to glow bright like the sun when Yoongi runs his fingers through his hair, wants to be all that he can be for Yoongi when the older starts bucking his hips up, choking Jimin’s throat with his cock so fucking nicely

that he drools all over his chin. Jimin moans, a nasty sound ripping from his throat when Yoongi delves too deep but this what sends Yoongi over the edge.

God, Jiminie. Sweetheart—baby, fuck,” and if it weren’t for Jimin having a mouthful of Yoongi’s cum on his tongue, he’d laugh because nothing feels greater than having Yoongi so lost for words, looking so fucked out and drained in the midst of their orgasms.

Jimin swallows, flush against his cheek so red that he bets he looks like tomato, “Was I good, hyung?” he asks, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as his eyes gleam for a response from his boyfriend, “I wanna be good.”

Yoongi chuckles softly, chest heaving with pants before he shakes his head, “You’re perfect.”

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