what is my weight today?
what is my weight today?

roopafoodie by soul
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what is my weight today?

by roopa

Oh no! There is no change in my weight. Will check tomorrow.

Oh no! It shows the same May be this scale is not good

Why is there no difference showing on the scale?

I excerise I diet But there is no difference. Have you ever asked the next question to yourself?

Am I happy? Am I feeling good?How many times did I laugh?

Have you taken time to be thankful and greatful for all the blessings you have?

Drop the word WEIGHT from your mind first.

You are carrying more weight in your mind about weight than your actual weight. Do not treat your body and mind differently.

Psychological wellbeing is as important as physicalwellbeing

Accepting the reality of what you are is the first step towards being Happy.Accepting this will empower you to move forward in a positive way towards your goal.

Mental and physical wellbeing go hand in hand.

Smile more often,be happy with yourself . Excerise, balanced diet,time with yourself,family and friends is important. Do not spend time around weight and diet bcoz life is beyond all this.

Let Happiness and Joy weigh more in life than your weight.

Moderation and Balance is the key for well being.

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