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rongjie This is my cathartic soapbox
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New Year Resolutions always sound like a thrive or die situation, and often times I don't thrive. Stuck in my old ways from year to year. But not anymore...

Another Year

2021 It's thrive or die

Or at least that's what new year resolutions feel like to me.

And oftentimes I'm dying.

My hopes and expectations wither as each resolution fades away. But not this time.

This is the year that I commit to a goal.

An achievable, actionable goal that is full of small steps that lead to a bigger greater purpose of being a better me.

This is the year that I listen to my body.

When I'm tired, I'll sleep.

When I'm hungry, I'll eat.

When I'm thirsty, I'll drink water.

When I'm restless, I'll go run.

When I'm lonely, I'll reach out to a friend.

When I'm hurt, I'll take time to mend.

When I feel self-conscious, I'll tell myself I'm pretty.

When I feel overwhelmed, I'll take a minute and just breathe.

This is the year where I learn to listen to my body and it's needs.

Then come the next year I won't start anew, but instead, continue on to improve.

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