The Buffalo Watchers
The Buffalo Watchers aliens stories

ronettestoes I write strange, humorous flash fiction
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An absurd sci-fi story.

The Buffalo Watchers

We are the buffalo watchers.

After work, we go to the field and watch the buffalo.

Some of us smoke cigarettes.

Some of us chew gum.

But, mostly, we stare.

Because, if you watch the buffalo for 8 hours, 25% of the time you will be able to see an alien's head pop out from one of the buffalo to fill its lungs with oxygen.

We are a special people, the buffalo watchers.

One special thing about us is that we have our own CD-ROM.

It's a point and click game.

You click on the buffalo and the little aliens pop-out.

You have to solve puzzles to collect the varieties of alien there are in the world.

The world does not care about our CD-ROM anymore.

It does not care about CD-ROMs in general.

Still, we all have our own copy of the game.

Bill Gates created the game to spread awareness about the aliens who live in the buffalo.

Bill Gates was a buffalo watcher in the 90s.

But now, he denies everything.

The time-travelling police got him.

They put a mind-control bug in his brain, to keep the world safe from the aliens and to keep the aliens safe from us.

Because our culture has not advanced to the point that we can make peaceful contact with the aliens.

Most of us have had encounters with the time travelling police.

They have warned us in gentle, but firm ways.

The aliens are red and have a frill on their throats which puffs up when they inhale oxygen.

Us buffalo watchers know that no one listens to us.

So, we keep our mouths shut.

That is our defining feature.

We stare with immense focus and we are all considered fools to the people who babble about things that are easily seen.

We live for the moment when the aliens pop out because when we see them, we know that we are not alone.

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