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Her (spoken word poem) to my feminine crush.

Her -simply.romii

She is a red flower In a daisies field. She is the bursting laugh In a funeral’s grief. She is a shooting star Of a night sky in the beach. She is no less no more Than herself And it makes me feel so weak.

Everytime I look at her, I feel like she’s peeling All the layers I hide under. Her smiles remind me of The energy I keep reserving. For what exactly? I don’t know But it will only burn me inwardly.

In my dreams, she approaches me And everything about her empowers me. It’s like my unconscious is Fighting the fear inside me. I never want to wake up from This kind of dreams. It’s the only place where My love secrecy appears.

In reality, the thought of her Gobbles up my mind. The sight of her absorbs My soul and leaves my body cold. And the idea of her and me Shatters my heart to decay.

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