Barman - Poem:
Barman - Poem:
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romeo_angelino good old-fashioned lover boy, 17
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You know that feeling when you want to drink every memory away? When you get so high just to forget? And the worse part is that forgetfulness falls asleep at its doorstep. Hope you all enjoy this poem.

Barman - Poem:

Barman, you’ve heard countless painful stories, You’ve treated so many broken hearts; So please tell me, How many drinks till I forget about her?

What’s the best brandy to drown All of my tears away? How many shots of tequila will I need Until she’s finally out of my mind?

Barman, keep the drinks coming until I pass out on this stool, pen in hand. Barman, don’t deny me any drinks until we’re Both sure she’ll be out of my heart when I’m sober.

Barman, don’t mind the line of coke on the table Or the blunt I’m lighting, I need everything I can to Get her out of my system tonight.

I swear that these tears aren’t sincere, It’s just that the alcohol makes them flow faster And I still haven’t had enough pills to Black my heart out of its feelings.

Barman, I need everything you have tonight. I need to leave my heart in this bar And my soul better not walk out with me either. I could really use those pills on the counter.

(O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick.)

Barman, I need you to clear the place out, No one deserves to witness this tragedy. I’m drinking my heart out and taking everything I can; Barman, I’m not walking out tonight.

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