Secret Whispers
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Secret Whispers

by romanticynicism

The moon doesn't look as full as it did last night

I wander until I Discover the altitude it would take to smash my fragile heart in two

Hypnotized by dancing light I wonder what the stars whisper

They cry out behind clouds of rain Feverish madness Tickles the backs of my palms It's itching to crawl out my ear

And a bottle of jack cracked my best friends skull in half

She could not remember the times we laughed She could not recall all the love that slipped through her shaking fingers

Grasping onto the faces of the past I tell her let go

It'll never last

The stars whisper secrets

And I climb the highest mountain side to overhear But they're too quiet for my ears and she does not believe the hypnotizing lights would ever give a damn

They beg to be heard

At this height I Slightly inch forward slipping on the edge of discovery

I've met the answer with a crash

Or maybe it was a smash that cracked the case of a hollow fate

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