Waltzing with the Angels
Waltzing with the Angels  property stories

romanticbloom1 Community member
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A poem for my dear departed friend, she was my angel, as I was hers!

Waltzing with the Angels

“Farewell my friend” she softly whispered  As she laid at her property gravely ill  Riddled in pain as stillness blistered  Suddenly she was succumbed by a chill

Slowly her eye lids closed to sleep As "Death" pried open heavens door Deep within her mortal soul weeped For loved ones she couldn't greet any more 

Waltzing with the Angels , earthly released  A new Existence mapped by the stars She welcomed serenity as her life ceased  A kingdom without pain welcomed by far

Gazing down sadly at all her loved ones  She blew a kiss to her best friend Dove with tears in her eyes as her new life sung "My dearest friend to you I send my Love"

The Angels gracefully took her hand Heaven’s symphony played as she cried That’s when I heard the celestial band  And to heaven her dear mortal soul flied   

This was written, for my best friend who passed away! She was riddled with fibromyalgia pain for many years! I will miss her always! Thanks for reading! Romantic Bloom

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