The First Time We Laughed

The First Time
We Laughed
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My mother was there by the kitchen table, but she was staring outside the window in amusement!

The First Time We Laughed

There are many firsts In my life some are more memorable than others like the time when my heart started to beat wildly when my first school boy crush walked by me!

Being incredibly shy, I imagined he could feel my attraction and see my rose tinted blush! I can still feel the warmth on my face.

My first kiss was sweet, but enough of that, today I am here to tell you about the best childhood moment with my family

My brother and I were trying to make our breakfast! My mother was there by the kitchen table, but she was staring outside the window in amusement!

Apparently there were two dogs outside barking or causing some kind of commotion!

Having poured our cereal in a bowl, we sat down to eat! Hey Kim. can you pass the bread, I want to make some toast!

I passed him the Wonderbread, and he took two slices out of the bag, and put them inside the toaster which was on the table! After trying to push it down a few times he couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working!

I say to him. “ Junior, are you sure it’s plugged in?”

My Mother turns around with a silly grin and says “ Yes, they are connected”

So me and my brother Junior get up from our chairs, and look out the window . We see that Pretty Baby our neighbors dog and another are indeed stuck together, apparently she had gone into heat!

That was indeed , the first time I had seen two dogs mating, but what was so funny was the timing of the toaster incident.

We looked underneath the table and indeed, the toaster was not plugged in. What was priceless was my mother’s expression! When we told her we were talking about the toaster

“Mommy, we were talking about the toaster. We wondered why it wasn’t working” “Oh”she said” and laughed so hard, and so did me and my brother!

I’ll never forget that day! It was the first time we laughed so hard as a family!

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