The Sleepy Pumpkin
 The Sleepy Pumpkin  pumpkin stories

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The Sleepy Pumpkin

It was a chilly Autumn night and it was time to carve the pumpkin Jamie got the carving knife and was ready to cut a slit in the pumpkin. Peter asked “Why don't we don't we draw some eyes!”

“ Jamie agreed and asked “What kind of shape do you want to make them?” Peter replied “let's go for triangles” so they grabbed a marker and started drawing!

Just as they were starting the first eye The pumpkin started to laugh! “Oh my God , Jamie exclaimed “Peter this pumpkin is alive and doesn't even have 👀 eyes yet, could we be imagining things?”

Peter managed to draw on the the pumpkins face . Jamie started cutting the eyes but as soon as he punctured it the pumpkin started to cry “Oh my god ! Oh my god , the pumpkin is alive!!!!”

Peter did not hear a thing “You must be imagining things” He wondered , “ How could this be happening ? You haven’t had anything to drink or smoked any of those funny cigarettes”

“Now stop calling them funny cigarettes!, call them by what they are marihuana” Jaime chimed back! A little annoyed “Are you sure about that?” Peter exclaimed

The pumpkin spoke “You can draw on me all you want , just please , please don't cut into my flesh”

“How can you see me without any eyes “ “I am just a Sleepy Pumpkin “! The pumpkin replied “My God!” Peter said to Jamie “Where did you get that pumpkin” “I bought it from a guy at the parking lot , he said I could have it for three bucks, but just beware it's not a normal pumpkin”

“I didn't believe him, I thought I was getting a good deal because pumpkins at the store that size cost five bucks” “So what are we going to do with the pumpkin?”

The pumpkin said “excuse me but I'm alive , and I'm in this room ! You’ve already drew two eyes on me , can you just now please leave me alone !”

Peter could not believe his eyes or should I say his ears never in his life did he ever encounter a pumpkin that talked , perhaps the pumpkin was haunted! “So, what are we going to do with it” The pumpkin replied “Just put me outside-and on Halloween day I will scare all the children away”

“How can you scare anybody without a face?” The pumpkin replied “that's the beauty of it all , because I don't have a carved face people won’t expect to hear a pumpkin speak , they'll just think it's a goblin hiding behind these walls , not me

Peter did not know what to do, he did know that he didn't want the pumpkin in the house Any seconds longer! Jamie agreed. The pumpkin said to put him out so they both put the pumpkin outside on the porch

Halloween day all the children came nearby heard voices from behind the pumpkin The pumpkin said “boo” every time a child passed by and frightened them and that is the story of the Sleepy Pumpkin, it's not over yet , the next day the pumpkin didn't speak

Peter went to pick it up and said “Hello Mr. Sleepy Pumpkin, how are you ?” The pumpkin didn't make any sounds or perhaps it was haunted! Maybe it didn't want children to get candy on Halloween Day!

Maybe the pumpkin was just sleeping? he thought! Whatever it was, or happened to be the pumpkin never said another word ! Was it their imagination or maybe this was just a ghost?

Maybe they imagined it for that one Halloween Night, perhaps it was just the spirits which didn't want the pumpkin to be carved They left the sleeping pumpkin outside in the cold Autumn’s Air , and like old pumpkins do, they shrivel up into moldy mess

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