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“It's ... Scrooge... I saw the evil Scrooge grab Santa Claus, exclaimed Rudolph “ My Father?” replied
Santa Junior in horror “

The Man Who Grabbed Santa

It’s was a lovely Afternoon at the annual Christmas parade Santa Jr. was arguing with Mrs. Claus, his Mother Santa tries to hug Her but she shrugs him off. “Please don't leave me here” Santa Jr. begs his Mother”

“I'm sorry Santa Junior ”, replies , Mrs Claus “but I was hoping for a son a bit more brave. Somebody who faces his fears head on, instead of running away.” “I am such a person!” Santa Jr. Replies! Mrs. Claus frowns.

“I'm sorry, Junior I just don't feel our closeness anymore.” Mrs Claus , replies and leaves. Looking defeated. Santa Junior sits down! Moments later, Santa’s Rudolph barges in looking flustered.

“Goodness, Rudolph! Is everything okay?” Santa Junior exclaims “I'm afraid not.” Rudolph answers What is it? Don't keep me in suspense... Santa Junior Asks

“It's ... Scrooge... I saw the evil Scrooge grab Santa Claus, exclaimed Rudolph “My Father?” replied Santa Junior in horror

Chapter 2 - The Plan

“Yes, defenseless Santa Claus , your frail Father !” Rudolph, Painfully replies Oh ! heck, Rudolph! We've got to do something.” Santa Junior ! exclaims

“I agree, Santa Jr. , but I wouldn't know where to start.” Rudolph replies “You can start by telling me where this happened”. Santa Junior, yells back “I was...” Rudolph speaks fanning himself and began to wheeze.

“Focus Rudolph, focus! Where did it happen?” Santa Junior yells again “North Haven! That's right - North Haven !”Rudolph answers Santa Junior springs up and begins to run.

Santa Junior rushes along the street, followed by Rudolph They take a short cut right through the parade, into the back gardens, jumping fences along the way!

That's not just any old man, that's Scrooge the meanest storekeeper alive! Santa Junior exclaimed “Who's Scrooge ?” Santa Junior exclaims “Who's Scrooge? Who's Scrooge?! Only the most grumpy store keeper in the universe!”

“Oh , Santa Junior We're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most grumpy Storekeeper in the universe!” Rudolph exclaimed “You can say that again.” Santa Junior replies

Chapter 3 The Confrontation

At North Haven! Scrooge , the grumpy storekeeper is terrorizing Santa Claus! Santa Jr. followed by Rudolph Rushes toward Mr. Scrooge but suddenly stops in his tracks. “What is , is? What's the matter?” Rudolph asked

“Oh yes !, Santa Junior we're going to need some help if we're going to stop the most grumpy Storekeeper in the universe!” Rudolph’s exclaims “I'm going to need Magic, lots of magic , replies Santa Junior

Scrooge turns and sees Santa Junior and Rudolph. He grins an evil grin. “Santa Junior, we meet again.” The Scrooge exclaims “You've met Scrooge ?” Rudolph ask?

Chapter 4 Santa Jr Flashes Back in Time

Yes. It was a long, long time ago... Santa Junior replies Flashing Back in time! A very young Santa Jr. sat in a park listening to some Christmas music, when suddenly a dark shadow casts over him.

He gazed up at Scrooge , he took off his headphones. Scrooge then offered him some Candy Canes? Santa Juniors eyes lit up, but then he studied Scrooge more closely, and felt uneasy. “I don't know, you look kind of grumpy.”Santa Junior replied

“Me? No. I'm not grumpy. I'm the least grumpy storekeeper in the world.” Says Mr Scrooge “Wait, you're the Meanest Storekeeper” Exclaims Santa Junior running away, screaming.

Chapter 5 Present Day! In North Haven

“Junior, you were a coward then, and you are a coward now.” Snickers Scrooge Rudolph’s looks at Santa Junior and ask “You ran away?”

Santa Junior looks at Rudolph. “I was a young child. What was I supposed to do?” He replies Santa Junior turns to Mr. Scrooge ” I may have run away from you then, but I won't run away this time! Santa Junior runs away, but turns back and shouts.

I am running away, but I'll be back to save my father, Santa Claus from you! “I'm not scared of you.” Mr. Scrooge yells back “You should be.!” Santa Junior yells

Chapter 7 Later that day

Santa Junior and Rudolph walk around searching for something. “I’m sure my Father left his magic wand around here.” Santa Junior mumbles “Are you sure? It does seem like an odd place to keep it ! Rudolph replies

“You know nothing Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer” Santa Junior interrupted “Me and Santa Claus have been searching for ages. I really don't think ...” remarks Rudolph Suddenly, Scrooge appears, holding the magic wand

“Looking for something Junior?” Snickers Scrooge “Yikes!, Santa Junior, he's got your Father’s magic wand!” Rudolph exclaims

Tell me something I don't already know! Santa Junior Yells “I’m afraid of spiders.” Rudolph Replies”

While Scrooge looks disgustingly at Rudolph, Santa Junior lunges forward and grabs his deadly wand. He wields its magic triumphantly.

“Prepare to die, you grumpy old man!” Santa Junior yells “No please! All I did was take Your Father for a Day” Unseen by Santa Junior or any of the others. Mrs Claus peek through a crack

Chapter 8 The Battle

I cannot tolerate that kind of behaviour! Poor father was defenseless! Well now he has a defender - and that's me! Santa Claus Junior defender of his family Honor !

“Don't hurt me! Please!” Cries out Scrooge “Give me one good reason why I shouldn't use this wand on you right away!” Santa Junior yells

“Because Santa Junior, I am your real father.” Scrooge Cries out Santa Junior, looked stunned for a few moments, but then collected himself.

“No you're not!” Santa Junior Replies “Ah well, it had to be worth a try.” Scrooge says while trying to grab the wand , but Santa Junior dodges out of the way.

Unexpectedly, Scrooge slumps to the ground. “Did he just faint?” Santa Junior Exclaims “I think so. Well that's disappointing. I was rather hoping for a more dramatic conclusion, involving my Father’s Magic Wand!’ As he crouches over Scrooge’s body.

“Be careful, Santa. It could be a trick.” Rudolph cries out “No, it's not a trick. It appears that... It would seem... The Scrooge is dead!” Replies Santa Junior

Yes, it appears that I scared him to death, “ Santa Junior Exclaims Rudolph claps his paws

Chapter 8 Rescuing Santa

“So your Father’s magic wand did save the day, after all.” Says Rudolph as Mrs. Claus steps forward Is it true? Did you kill the grumpy old man?

Mother, how long have you been...? Santa Junior starts to say! When his mother wraps her arm around him “Long enough, my Son” Replies Mrs. Claus

“Then you saw it for yourself. I killed Scrooge “ Asked Santa Junior! “Yes, and Mr. Santa Claus is safe! Mother Claus ! Exclaims It does seem that way! As Crowd of relieved looking children walk in with Santa Claus

“You are their hero.” Mrs Claus Says and Smiles The children bow to Santa Junior.

“There is no need to bow to me. I seek no worship. The knowledge that Scrooge will never steal Father Claus before Christmas ever again, is enough for me.” Replied Santa Junior

“You are humble as well as brave!” Says Santa Claus as he hands his cross to his son! “I think he want you to have it, as a symbol of his gratitude”. Says Mrs. Claus

“I couldn't possibly.”Says Santa Junior pausing “Well, if you insist Dad, then takes the cross “ Thank you. ! Thank you!”Say the children , as they bow their heads once more, and leave.

“Does this mean you are proud of me Mother!” Ask Santa Junior “Oh, Santa Junior, of course my Son” Mr. Santa Claus smiled “thank you my Son, now I know you are brave enough to take over my job!

“You had no faith in me, before” Santa Junior said to his Mother “You had to see me scare old Scrooge to death before you would believe in me.” Awe son, we all overcome our fears in time, sorry I lost faith ! But your father Never lost hope!

“Yes, Son” I never lost hope that you would become brave enough to fight all the mean old Scrooge’s of the World” “Thank you Father” said Santa Junior to his Father Son, the real secret of the wand Is not it’s magic, but the power It has to make you overcome Your fears! Said Mr Claus

Rudolph, interrupts Speaking of fears “When I said I’m afraid of spiders, you know I was just trying to distract the Scrooge don't you? Yes, Rudolph! Santa Junior says Smiling and winks!

The End By Romantic Bloom

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