The New Job
The New Job  furniture stories

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Melinda a young lady ready to embark on a road trip across the country, on her way to a new job and new apartment! But is met with challenges

The New Job

The trip to Connecticut, was about to ensue. Melinda packed all her necessities! Her favorite guitar which she needed for work! Her laptop was carefully packed in her carry on bag along with her other essentials!

Her phone was in her purse along with all her credit cards and favorite jewelry! Anything else her family could send to her when she got there! Her New apartment was furnished!

It was going to be a long car-ride to Connecticut from Los Angeles, California! Her boyfriend’s car didn’t have much room! A new Prius, he had to pack all his necessary essentials too

They were moving to a better paying job! Melinda was guaranteed a nice salary doing what she loved best, helping autistic children! As a music therapist!

“Hey Steve” Melinda asked “want to stop in Las Vegas and crash for the night” “ Yes, he said, and we could enjoy a nice meal too, but let’s stay at a cheap motel, instead of the big hotels by the Vegas strip” “Sounds good, Steve”Melinda replied They found a place not too far from the highway, and went out for dinner

It was a delicious meal! Tired, Steve parked his car and headed inside to call it a night, Melinda grabbed her purse and laptop, and change of clothes, Steve did the same. All their other belongings were packed in boxes, and left in the car

The Next morning to their dismay Steve’s Prius had a broken window and much of their belongings were stolen! “Oh my god, Steve they took all my music equipment and my guitar too, that’s just sucks big time. Every thing I need for my job is gone!” Tears welled up in her eyes, as she fumed in anger and disbelief

“We need to call the police and file an insurance claim on the theft and car damage” Steve exclaimed! Shocked! They called a window repair company to fix the broken window! After it was fixed they headed to Steve’s family on their next stop!

What was to be an exciting adventure ride was filled with anxiety and stress. Melinda was starting a job with higher pay, but without her favorite guitar, she started to doubt her move!

Steve did his best to cheer her up when they got to the rented apartment they had found before the trip They unpacked what little the thieves left behind, and started thier new lives!

Fortunately her boss had some equipment which Melinda could use for awhile All seemed promising, Melinda was enjoying her job! But she still was missing her favorite guitar and the watch!

Steve got a job as a Uber driver! All was going well ! His only regret was the initial stop in Las Vegas, the Prius having all its windows exposed , it wasn’t the right car for moving valuables! Melinda never complained, but he knew she was still hurting! He felt guilty!

“Hey Melinda “ Melinda’s boss called her into the office! She handed Melinda a brand new guitar, all her co workers had pitched in and bought it for her. “WOW, Melinda exclaimed, now I finally feel like Connecticut is my home Thank you, all!”

That treasured moment was the beginning of a promising future! Before she was conflicted about leaving behind her old job, and all her family! The theft of all her valuables was Not an easy thing to go through either!

But her co workers generous gesture had finally settled her anxiety! She finally knew she had made the right choice!

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