The Magical Bean By Romantic Bloom
The Magical Bean

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A short story about Love& Hope, and yes Magical Beans

The Magical Bean By Romantic Bloom

Heaven wanted life to prosper so it planted magical 🧙‍♀️ beans

First he had to fertilize the soil! So that it would grow hardy! Secondly, a place near water, and preferably where it would Rain in abundance

He looked far and wide Sending his angels to scout The perfect locations!

Thirdly and most importantly he would have to assign Different magical powers To the beans!

The Red Bean he called Kidney, would be rich in fiber and iron

The Black Bean, would be great for salads

Now, these beans were grown and harvested as usual But only one bean from the crop would Provide Magic ——for 24 hours!

It would look like the rest, but once eaten the Magic Bean would work it’s magic!

Now, you ask? What was the magical powers? Well to us humans, we call it Love and Hope

Why not make every bean Magical? After all LOVE is the Greatest feeling of all!

Hope is needed so people Don’t lose faith!

You see HEAVEN wanted LOVE and HOPE To sprout naturally!

So the land was chosen! A large bean farm in Mistyville, It provided beans to The towns all around! Did they know of the Magical Powers! No!

The Magical Bean - The first experience

One day Thomas bought A bag of beans from Mistyville! He wanted to make bean soup!

His family was poor and these Few beans would make a hearty meal! Mixing the black beans with the kidney beans was a good idea!

First he added the broth to the pot , then a few spices, and started to boil the beans he had soaked overnight!

Thomas was the first to try a bowl!He served the rest to the family! Now, his son billy was 5 years old!

He was the first to experience The magic! He felt this warmth inside of him! “Wow dad, this soup Is so delicious! “ “Thank you son! “ As he went About doing his chores!

Billy ran outside to play, Saw his dog sleeping! Normally he would leave it be, but that whole day his feelings grew warmer! Yes, it was love doing its Magic! That Whole day the bean worked its magic

He hugged his mom and dad, he petted the dog, he even hugged the boy next door! “Wow! “ Thomas said “ There’s Something special about Billy, He’s never been so affectionate before! “. Emily his mother agreed!

The Magical Bean —The Second Experience

Back in another Town, Mary Bought Kidney beans! She was Going to make a Salad!

And the only thing that survived was lettuce greens! Mary washed the beans, boiled them! The next day, she added them to the greens! Ted was a good gardener, but The locust had eaten most of his crops!

The whole family couldn’t wait To try the new bean! Usually They just added cheese, but The bean would provide More iron! They family had lost all crops

The Family did their best! The beans were suppose to keep them fed for awhile!

Supper Salad was prepared and Mary and Ted sat at the table! “ The beans are tasty Mary, glad you bought them!”

After the meal, Ted smiled all day! I think I’m going to Plant some of these in my garden, and perhaps those black beans too! “

Mary took notice of her husband’s new attitude’ So positive and full of energy! What she didn’t know was That he had eaten that one Magical bean of HOPE

Now , there were many stories Like these all around the town! Soon the magic spread around the world!

Love and Hope spread! And eventually the trait Grew naturally in humans! Heaven had done its job!

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