Summer Flowers
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@malirbly “Summer flowers are blooming in glorious colors” Not a poem, just rambling lol

Summer Flowers

“Summer flowers are blooming in glorious colors” Quote by @malirbly

Marigolds gems are bright yellow, there are orange, and red ones too You may eat the orange and yellow petals If you see a red one, Those are bad for you Lemon gem-bright yellow Tangerine gem- bright orange Red gem- bright red

Surprise Lily ( white) They sprout in Spring After , they appear dead But in the summer sprout again Surprise !!! Just ahead

Birds of Paradise Oh what a delightful view Like a bird gazing at you What’s that on its head? In Colorful orange hues

Daffodils You find them In hues of yellow It’s Latin name Is Narcissus. Does that mean they’re vain and shallow?

Lavender The healing flower heavenly and divine Gives your garden splendor Helps ease the mind

Sunflower Tall and lean Like a super model Edible seeds, yum, yum Yellow petals , the shells Please don’t swallow

Mums They are shaded in pink , red, yellow purple and white Cultivated in China as an herb! Yellow or white mums, are used for teas! Such a delight

By Romantic Bloom

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