“Life is Better when you are Reading”

                            “Life is Better 
                             when you are 
                              Reading” book store stories

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“Life is Better when you are Reading” @lauri_bear
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“Life is Better when you are Reading”

By Romantic Bloom

Come Borrow Books at the Library

It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor

Lauri-bear Library Is Extraordinary

Will have you coming through it’s Library/Store

The Storefront Library Welcomes all

No matter what your passion is, or You are needing

Lauri-bear Library, Bookstore is stocked wall to wall

The people there are always nice with their greetings

The Moto of the place is quite Homey

“ Life is Better When You Are Reading”

Whatever your Passion you won’t Get Lonely

Because fine folks you’ll be meeting

Children’s books Self Help , even Poetry

There’s books for every passion, You’ll be glad

Best of all you can borrow them for free

Or buy some books for just a tad

Lauri_bear Bookstore/ Library is neat and tidy

Computers and media to help anyone learn

There’s tables with media for study

But Remember in the Library “ Be Quiet” If you bring a Buddy

It’s a real pleasure for every Bookworm

The bookstore is Warm and Inviting

It’s full of books You’d love to own

You can buy a book about Poetry, cartoons or or even Prince Charming

Best of all with a book In your hand you can go to far away places all on your own

The walls are beautifully Painted in Green

The light fixtures Match the peaceful decor

Lauri_bear Bookstore Is always serene

You’re Always Welcomed At the door

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