Land of the Lost

 Land of the Lost
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They Live Amongst Us! from Dinosaurs to Aliens
From the the land of the lost

Land of the Lost

Long Ago Before Man Ever Existed: Scientist speculated that Dinosaurs ruled the Earth! Little did they know,the real Rulers were Aliens! Just like modern Terrariums They brought these creatures In from another World, to Watch them grow, flourish, and consume each other

They brought them in through Warp portals ! Where you could get to point A to point B faster Than any light year! It’s how UFA’s manage to disappear in a matter of seconds They also brought in Big Foot Creatures! But that’s another Story!

When they were tired of their Dinosaurs experiment! They activated a comet to destroy these dinosaurs! Yes, a few survived! When the Earth environment started to flourish again, the Aliens came back again! Unknown to man (perhaps) they inhabit the deep Earth

Dinosaurs were the cousins to these Aliens known as Reptilians! Every now and then they watch Birds flying through the air, just like the pterodactyl , the flying Dinosaur before them! Perhaps these Aliens want man to Destroy themselves!?

So if you ever see a UFO Remember these Aliens Are a Most advance Race Of what we call the Dinosaurs Yes, they live amongst us! Mind control is their power! We are their experiments too!

While Dinosaurs was small Brained! Aliens creatures evolved to highly Intelligent Beings! Big Brain size! Known As the Greys! The well meaning Ones What they’ve lost is the ability To “Love” Their Planet became Uninhabitable, So that is why They travel here! To relearn Love, and to save mankind From it’s Own greed, and Pollution

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