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Gator searches, for his home and finds a friend along the way

Home Sweet Home

Gator missed his home! Somewhere in Gator World!

The Lakes were warm! the weather was humid! Perfect climate for a Gator!

He wasn’t sure how he got here! “Hi! Can you Help me find My Home?” He would ask, anyone he met!

He searched far and wide It was a never ending Search!

“Hello Bird, do you know The way to Florida?” Asked Gator

“Sorry Gator” Said bird! “I only know the way To a near by Park! It has a lovely Lake”

“Thanks Bird” Said Gator “But all these Lakes Nearby are too cold”

Gator left the Ivy area in search of another Animal to ask! He needed to find a Warm spot to soothe his body!

“Mmm! This is a nice Spot to rest!”

But he still missed The Florida Sun! “ Another Day of Dreaming” He uttered loudly

He remembered, how The water made him feel! So soothing It was also much easier to Find food!

“I’m so hungry” Said Gator “I guess I have to find something to eat” He kept saying to Himself

“I would walk through fire Just for something juicy!”

So he decided to eat Fallen fruit from the trees! “ There’s an orange tree By Bird’s place” Gator thought and made his way back there

He thought long and Hard! “I can’t eat Any animals Around here!”

“Hello Gator! What Brings you back” Bird asked “Hello Bird, I’m Hungry”

“Oh my”I hope you’re Not looking at me For food” exclaimed Bird “No , Bird You are my Only friend” Gator replied

“Thanks Gator, I appreciate that” Said Bird “I came to Eat oranges” Gator Replied

“You know there are Nice crickets around They love to eat oranges That have fallen! They make an added Bonus” said Bird

The oranges were tasty, and The crickets were delicious and full of protein!

Gator, thought long and hard once again! “I’ve decided to stay here! It’s too hard trying to get Back Home”

He found a nice place to wet His Gator skin

He found a great place To warm his body! “This is so warm”

“Never will I cross The bridge of Fantasy Land” Said, Gator out loud

“This is my Home now”

Bird and Gator Became closer friends! They saw each other Daily!

“Hi folks! Remember It’s not where you Live that matters! It’s the friends You make along the way!”

“Home is where your Friends Are”

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