Goodbye is Not Forever By Romantic Bloom
                            Goodbye is 
                           Not Forever 

                By Romantic Bloom death stories

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Loss of a Friend

Goodbye is Not Forever By Romantic Bloom

Good bye is not Forever Heartache pulls at my heart   heavy  is my soul full of tears Why did death take you away ? Can memories nurse my fears?  

Why does life rip away the  people we love so dear ? Our distance is now far greater Forever now Paints the years  

Shall I ever know the comfort   of your warm embrace? Will I ever see Your beautiful smile radiating  from your face

Happiness was in knowing We were close and oh so near Now the miles spread forever and this pain brings more tears  

Goodbye is Not Forever my Precious Friend Meanwhile I’ll be Gazing up at the Moon from Earth down below Whilst you watch from heaven above

 Goodbye My Precious One I know my ❤️❤️ will ache for awhile 

Yet as the stars twinkle in in the Night There upon Our Moonlit Eyes The Heavens Shall whisper “Forever shall Live Our abiding love”

One day we’ll meet in Heaven So now my soul Shall whisper to you “ Goodbye is not Forever”

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