I Couldn’t Fight The Attraction

I Couldn’t Fight 
The Attraction  heart stories

romanticbloom1 Community member
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Attractions first blush! My own rhythm and rhymes style

I Couldn’t Fight The Attraction

I felt the softness of his skin as I took his hand in mine I blushed at the feelings within me a warmth so tender and fine

It was just a simple handshake but it became something more My every breath became deeper, sweat was oozing from every pore

My heart fluttered with elation like the beats of tribal drums When he asked me respectfully "Where are you from?" Lost for words, I simply smiled "Cat must have caught my tongue" I couldn't fight the attraction My brain must have turned numb

When I finally let go of his hand He smiled, and winked at me My face grew a shade of crimson The attraction wasn't hard to see

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