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Blood Lust - Part 3

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But we
parentsHow could a Vampire and an Angel Procreate ?

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Blood Lust - Part 3 @romanticbloom1

It was a hard Decision! But, how Could I leave my beloved Jasmine in The Devils Hands

So I chose Life with Jasmine

Sydney was Doomed to serve Lucifer Until Hell Froze over "Ha! Ha!" The Devil knew that was unlikely

Petunia, She wanted to come back to the Mansion As much as I Appreciated her companionship! I had my beloved Jasmine

"Oh Jasmine are you sure You can live with my wicked ways" I asked her

"Charles, I loved you then, and I love You now" She assured me "But, if you leave me the Devil will surely try to seduce me"

"I cannot leave you Under his Thumb My Love!" And for Awhile I did His bidding

Jasmine, Luckily Her soul Fed upon our love

But we could never become parents How could a Vampire and an Angel Procreate ?


"Hey Lucifer" Petunia Asked Is there any way, I can get Count Blood Under My Spell?

I can't touch Jasmine, As I made a Deal with the Gods But you're Welcome to Try

After carefully Plotting Petunia made her move

Sneaking Into the Mansion, into Jasmine's Room She tried to bite her, but no blood Existed

At wits End She tied Jasmine up and dragged Her away

After a night Of doing Lucifer's bidding Count Blood came home to an empty Bed

He searched All over The Mansion for her....

His first Thoughts " it must be The Devil " So the next day he met Lucifer by the Gates of Hell

Where is she? I asked "Petunia is not Here!" Lucifer blurted "It's not her, I am Searching for It's Jasmine"

"She's not In Hell, but I know Petunia wanted you Back" Lucifer confirmed

So , now I had to Find Petunia But where Was she? Did she Harm Jasmine?

Somewhere in a deserted Building in Commaverse

"Convince Count Blood To leave you!" Petunia demands You Silly Vampiress My soul belongs to Jesus ! You Can't harm me

" Holy, Guacamole Can't, a Dame get a break" Petunia Mumbled

"You're No Dame Petunia, You're just a lonely, Soulless Vampiress"

Just then Count Blood Enters The Building Jasmine are you ok!? He calls out

Petunia confronts Charles

"Where is My Jasmine? I demanded "She's alive, But tied up" Petunia replied

"I didn't Know Angels Couldn't be converted" Petunia said looking rather sickly

" Sorry to tell you Petunia, but sucking an angel Means only One thing" I told her

"And what is That " Petunia asked "You swallowed her holy spirit , and That is certain death for you Petunia

And with that She cried I made my way further into The building and found Jasmine

"My Love My Love Are you Ok? " I asked

"Of course Charles, She said Then hugged me As we made our way out, Poor Petunia, was dead

"Is there Any way You can go back to heaven" I asked Jasmine

"It's not That I haven't Enjoyed Your Company" But good must Conquer evil"

"That's it" Jasmine Winked " Speak to Jesus, Repent for all Your Sins"

No matter What Yours Sins God will forgive you

Jasmine & Charles started Praying

With that Count Blood Knew what he had to Do! "Just one Bite of your Holy spirit" I'll be dead

Yes, my Love But your Soul will be Pure And we both Can go back to heaven

Before The Devil Could Stop Them

Charles AKA Count Blood Was dead And Jasmine Was Nowhere to be found

Upon the Pearly Gates

"Welcome to Heaven Charles" Jasmine winked & Smiled

The End

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