Blood Lust - Part 2

Blood Lust -  Part 2

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Part 2- Blood Lust Continues- Does
Count Blood kill himself, find out here

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Blood Lust - Part 2

Blood Lust - Part 2 By Romantic Bloom

While I had the gun pointed at my chest! Many thoughts ran through my Mind

I was glad to have Found The answers I had long been seeking

The reasons My Beautiful Jasmine Had been Murdered?

Oh, my Beautiful Jasmine, My High School Sweetheart. My soul still Ached for her

The Murderer Sydney had f i n a l l y Met his Fate! A silver bullet to the chest And Destined for Hell

Now there Wasn't any Reason To do the Devil's Bidding

And I was tired of being a blood Lusting Vampire

I Thought For sure Petunia would Try to Stop me But... Lucifer and Petunia had left together

I didn't know Where my Tainted Soul would go to but I had hoped it was As Far away from The Pits of Hell

I decided to Recite a poem I had written for Jasmine In case her Spirit could Hear me

My Love, When tomorrow Is not Guaranteed And our Yesterdays are all but gone Welcome our Today's Each and Every One

Teardrops Plopped onto the floor For a seconds I thought I Heard Jasmine's Familiar sighs

Know that I Shall Always Love You From the setting Moon To the Rising Sun Always My Love

With the gun Still pointed at my chest I got down on my Knees and cried

If there is Life after Vampire Death, they I pray to God that he will forgive my sins!

I pulled the trigger and I felt the pain Of the bullet Penetrating my body Blood gushed From the wound and I passed out

When I opened My Eyes I thought I was In Hell "Sorry, Count Blood You shot yourself with a regular bullet" Lucifer smirked

"You're Not Dead Count Blood. But, when I heard You recite the Love poem, I decided to give you what your soul desires"

My Freedom from you? I had hoped "Nope, I made an arrangement with the powers above " The devil exclaimed

"What kind of an arrangement?" I asked confused and angered

"I agreed to let the children of Commaful be spared from Hell Heaven in return would send down an Angel" Lucifer said and winked

"What good is an Angel ? What does it have to do with Me?" I asked even more confused

"Does The Name Jasmine Ring a Bell?" Lucifer Snickered while winking

"Oh! My Beloved Jasmine Is an Angel?" I asked in disbelief

With that My beloved Jasmine slowly descended And reached out for my hands I could smell her perfume in the air

"I'm here Charles My Love But please ge rid of Petunia There's only room For one flower in Your life"

Not to Worry Jasmine It seems Sydney, the man who killed you and her are in Love. Having Fun In Hell! Lucifer said

Jasmine took The gun from my hands! Then placed Her hands on my injury suddenly My wound was healed

Oh, do you know, how Much I have missed you Jasmine? I asked "From the setting Moon To the Rising Sun" Jasmine lovingly replied

So you did hear me, after all my Love!

"Ok, Ok Enough Of that " Lucifer Coughed " Jasmine is here for as long as you both Shall live!!!"

"Yes, and the Only Way I shall live is continuing my Vampire ways! " I frowned

"I had to GIVE You an INCENTIVE to Live," snickered the Devil

"But you still Have to do My bidding Count Blood" The Devil Smirked

Jasmine gazed at me, wondering If I would choose her, and a lifetime of Blood Lusting Or would I choose Death and finally End My wicked ways

It was a hard decision to make "How can you be with a Vampire " I asked her? "I love you Charles" Was all she said

Then I remembered My Love Poem

My Love, When tomorrow Is not Guaranteed And our Yesterdays are all but gone Welcome our Today's Each and Every One

That's when I Knew What My Future Held The End

What Would you Decide If you we're Count Blood?

Perhaps it was all a Dream?

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