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Orange was feeling silly. “ Orange you glad I’m not a
Vegetable?” A-Z Fruits and vegetables

A-Z Vegetable or Fruit

Asparagus spoke “ My flesh is green and I’m long and lean Broccoli is green but kindly Said “ I wear the crown Carrot, smiled , “but my Top Is bushy!” Dandelion’s lose their fluff But certainly not me

Eggplant chimed in , “but what matters is the flesh, and mine is Pretty hearty!” Fennel Gazed at her beautiful Skin, “ I bet you are tasty Grapefruit , was hanging on the tree , admiring the garden! Grateful for not having to be Close to the dirt

Hawaii’s pineapple, is more Appealing to me than any Vegetables” Icaco, said “I glad I am a fruit” Jicama, spoke up “well I am from a vine a Mexican turnip” Kale, chimed along “well I am green and leafy, and well liked”

Lettuce, was jealous of kale because It had more nutrition Mango, exclaimed “I am glad I am a fruit” Nectarine, smiled whispers“ me too” Orange was feeling silly “ Orange you glad I’m not a Vegetable?”

“Potatoes , are a vegetable” The potato ask? Quince, said “Idon’t know” Radish , snickers “I don’t know either” Strawberry chimed in “well I know I am a fruit”

Tomato exclaimed “I think I’m a vegetable .They always put me in vegetable soups” Ugil fruit, winked! Watermelon, well I am a fruit And my flesh is juicy Ximenta, well I am red like your Flesh

Yam was happy , exclaiming I am sweet as pumpkin pie, But am I a vegetable? Zucchini smiled “well I know I’m a Vegetable, and they can bake me into breads!”

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