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She was old enough now. Finally. For years he had seen the beauty that would eventually be Janarra Franco, but he knew his sister would disapprove of his taking her any younger. Besides, she was technically supposed to be in Camyron's care, and had been since she had been no more then 5 years old,

beg me 18+ c.1

She was old enough now. Finally. For years he had seen the beauty that would eventually be Janarra Franco, but he knew his sister would disapprove of his taking her any younger.

Besides, she was technically supposed to be in Camyron's care, and had been since she had been no more then 5 years old,

but the clod spent more time with the kumpania whores then with his young charge. He might intend to marry her one day, but he was ignoring the beauty that had already begun to form.

Morlis was no such fool.

He did not live with the kumpani, but given that his sister was their Rom Baro, an unusual position for a woman, he was there often enough to visit, at least once a month,

so he had watched the young girl grow from an adorable child to a stunning teenager, her body developing rapidly along with her hormones. What kind of incubus would he be if he passed that up?

She was nervous around him these days, almost skittish, like she didn't know how to act.

Such behavior was normal for a human around an incubus, not understanding the desire and longing the demon created in them, especially untouched humans. Fuck he loved it when they were untried.

Finally he had his chance.

Janarra had been sent into the woods to forage for herbs for Cahira, and naturally he followed, undetected by the little human he fully intended to claim before the day was through.

He watched her through the foliage, kneeling in the brush to hunt for the hard to find herbs that he knew his sister demanded.

Moving from hiding his approach was silent to the point that he was literally standing over her before she realized he was behind her.

With a gasp she turned to stare up at him, so shocked by his arrival that she remained crouched upon the ground,

her right hand clutched around a root she had just managed to pull from the ground.

A grin curled his lips as he crouched gracefully to the ground in front of her, his eyes lingering over her lips, her neck, the cleavage provided by the white peasant's blouse she wore.

"Don't get up...I'll join you."

His hands reached out to relieve her of the root she held as well as the basket.

Setting them aside he sank down to the ground, his left hand braced on the moss covered forest floor as he eased next to her.

"Sit Jana...join me for a break."

His seductive voice really didn't give her many options; few humans could resist the allure of an incubus.

He could sense her interest in him though, the way her young eyes watched him, so she was not without her own desire of him. He was simply taking advantage of it.

Finally she sat next to him, her golden eyes watching him nervously, obviously unsure as to what to say or do. The man was ancient and rarely interacted with the children of the kumpania.

She wasn't a child any longer though, at least not in the eyes of the lust demon sitting next to her. Reaching up he cupped her cheek with his right hand, his touch gentle and familiar.

She'd known him since she was a child, nothing to fear here.

"Relax sweet Jana..I won't hurt you," he assured her. "I am going to take you though.

" Might as well give the girl fair warning, nothing she said would convince him to stop so why not be up front?

He saw the surprise in her eyes, the indecision.

Should she fight? Should she say no? Try to run? Or should she do what she longed to do and give in to him?

Using the hand on her cheek to pull her forward he kissed her, a gentle kiss at first, his lips pressing to her own as though massaging them.

She tasted as sweet as he thought she would, his tongue flicking out to trail a path along her lips.

She had never been kissed before, that much was obvious in the way her lips stay pressed firmly closed. That was going to change, quickly.

His tongue parted her lips, pushing forcefully past the soft folds to ravish her mouth, his tongue sweeping inside to dance with her own, slowly teaching her the ways of kissing in return.

She was a quick student and in spite of the nerves he felt within her she responded, slowly at first, but with more enthusiasm as she became comfortable with the act.

"Lay back, Jana," he commanded gently, his right hand sliding to her shoulder to press her gently back until she lay upon the moss covered forest floor.

Bracing himself over her with his left hand his right began to slide down her neck and across the exposed skin of her chest.

"When we're done you'll be a woman, and I'll be the first man to have known your body, the only man that will be able to satisfy you completely.

" It was an arrogant statement, but one he believed none the less.

Slowly his hands began to unlace the peasant's blouse that hid her young breasts from his gaze.

He felt her nervous gaze on his face and gently he smiled as he finished untying the laces, parting the shirt to each side to reveal her tits.

"Mmm are so fucking beautiful."

Her nubile young form was already generously endowed and his eyes devoured her hungrily.

She had yet to speak a word, and he could sense her nerves, but he could also sense her anticipation which meant she wanted him, and frankly the demon within him enjoyed her nervousness,

perhaps she'd even struggle just a little.

Lowering himself until he laid next to her, propped up on his left elbow, his right hand slid up her torso until his fingers caressed the soft flesh of her left breast.

He could hear the soft catch in her throat as he caressed her skin, his fingers teasing at her quickly puckering nipple.

"Lord Morlis?" her sweetly hesitant voice was almost shaky as though afraid of offending him.

"Shhh sweet Jana. I won't hurt me," He insisted as his dark head lowered over her.

Pressing his face between her tits he inhaled a deep breath,

just taking in the scent of her skin before turning his head to the side and capturing the nipple he had just been teasing with his hands between his teeth.

Slowly his tongue circled the taut nub of flesh, her breathing becoming heavier with each teasing circle of his tongue.

He could feel her desire rising in spite of her confusion, and it fed him, urged him on as he continued to suck upon her hardened nipple.

Turning his head he licked a path to her other breast, his lips soon passing over the neglected nipple as he teased this one in the same manner as the first,

his right hand coming up to cup the breast he had just abandoned, unable to keep his touch from her.

He couldn't wait to devour her.

As his lips and tongue continued to tease her nipple his right hand slid down her body, passing down over her hip,

trailing over the long flowing skirt that covered her lower half until it rested gently at the top of her thigh.

His fingers began to move, gathering the material in his grip as it caressed up her legs, baring her flesh to him until he felt the hem in his finger tips.

Slipping his hand beneath the skirt he moaned as he felt her bare skin, her erratic breathing and heightened anticipation feeding his need to touch her.

Slipping his hand between her thighs he was pleased to find she wore no panties, his hands encountering smooth flesh as his touch trailed teasingly along her warm slit.

She was already wet, ready for his touch.

" are quite the wanton girl, aren't you?" That was good, very very good.

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