"You're mine now Janarra. Forever."
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Gently his fingers parted the folds of her pussy, his seductive words urging her to give in to him. "Just part your thighs child, open to me and you'll know pleasure the likes of which you can't comprehend.

"You're mine now Janarra. Forever."

beg me 18+ c.2

Gently his fingers parted the folds of her pussy, his seductive words urging her to give in to him.

"Just part your thighs child, open to me and you'll know pleasure the likes of which you can't comprehend.

" His promise was far from an idle one, she'd be screaming her pleasure by the time he was through.

His fingers found her clit and began to tease the sensitive flesh, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger, the sound of her already wet pussy filling the air around him.

"Do you hear how wet you are? You were made for passion, for sex." She would be his wanton little slut, and his alone, and he would make her burn for his touch.

He had another week in the kumpania before he must depart to see to his affairs, and he would enjoy her every night of it.

Her body began to writhe beneath his touch, her hips lifting to press to his fingers as his touch gained speed, rubbing her clit faster and faster as she moaned,

her legs bending at the knees and parting to spread herself completely to him.

His dark head rose from her breasts, his eyes panning up to her face where it contorted in passion mingled with surprise at the depth of need that he created in her.

Moving up slightly he leaned over her, his eyes passing over her young face as the full range of lust played across her beautiful features.

"I can't wait to see your face as you cum." he whispered before leaning down and pressing his lips to hers.

Again his tongue parted her lips, sliding into her mouth at the same time his fingers slid down her slit and sank into her pussy, easing deeply into her virgin depths,

stretching her as though to prepare her for his hard length.

"Fuck, your so tight baby," he groaned against her lips, his fingers beginning to move slowly in her tight sheath.

He could feel her hands gripping to his shoulders, gentle whimpers muffled against his lips as his fingers stretched her virgin depths.

In spite of her confusion at what was happening to her she still arched her hips into him, pressing his fingers deeper.

He was only to happy to oblige, forcing his fingers deeper, faster, fucking her cunt with his hand, the high pitched moans that began to fall from her lips only feeding his frenzy.

"You like that, don't you baby?" he demanded.

Her swollen lips parted and she whimpered, "Yes Lord Morlis....I like it." Her tone shy as she whispered her confession to him.

He smiled gently down at her, "Good girl." She'd be so easy to mold, to make his. He knew his sister would never allow it though, not until she was older, but he didn't care any longer.

He would enjoy her while he could and be damned his sisters anger.

Giving her another hard kiss he parted from her, sliding down her body until he could kneel between her thighs, his hands pushing her skirt up to her waist and baring her to his gaze.

Sliding his hands beneath her ass he lifted her hips from the ground as his torso arched downward, his lips pressing to her pussy in a gentle kiss,

his warm breath teasing her slit as his tongue trailed along the sweet folds.

Her body writhed in his grasp, surprised moans filled the air around him as her body responded against her will to the teasing his tongue provided.

She had not even known men would put their mouth there, and here he was slipping his tongue between her swollen lips.

His grip held her tightly, keeping her from squirming away, his hands controlling the rhythm as his tongue slipped between the soft folds of her pussy and found her clit,

the tip of his tongue circling the sensitive nub teasingly, hungrily, his lips and tongue seeming to feed from her as he devoured her pussy.

Her moans soon turned to screams and still he continued, his tongue sliding down from her clit to sink into the sweet depths of her pussy,

his lips pressing tightly to her slit as his tongue sank into her depths, in and out, fucking her with his tongue.

Her hands found their way to his head, tangling into his hair as she urged him on, incoherent words spilling from her lips as she begged him to end her torment,

to give her the release she felt her body building towards. Teasingly his tongue licked along the length of her slit, gentle laughter heard in response to her whimpered pleas.

"Hearing you beg only makes me harder for you, Jana. Fuck, my cock is throbbing."

A last kiss was pressed to her pussy before he lowered her hips back to the forest floor. Leaning over her his left hand braced against the ground as his right moved between them.

The sound of the zipper on his pants was heard moments before the tip of his cock was felt nudging the lips of her pussy apart, sliding between the wet folds to rub it's length along her slit,

the head of his cock teasing her clit before his hips shifted and with a forceful thrust he sank his cock deeply into her, filling her virgin pussy with one swift thrust.

There was some pain but he took the majority of it, blinding her to the worst of the pain of having her maidenhead breached. He wished there to be some pain...

just a small amount to reinforce that he had claimed her body as his own, that she belonged to him.

A loud moan rumbled from his lips as he felt her tight sheath convulse around his cock. "Fuck baby.

" His head hung forward as his hips began to move, pressing deeply into her before sliding free only to thrust back into her depths. "Wrap your legs around my hips baby....

do it!" he commanded when she hesitated and quickly she complied, the new angle of her legs allowing his cock to sink even more deeply into her.

Her gentle cries grew in volume until she was nearly screaming with each thrust of his cock.

His hips began to thrust faster, harder, burying his cock in her pussy to the hilt each time he sank into her.

Pressing forward he ground his pelvis against her own, grinding his cock into her pussy and causing a great deal of friction to pass against her clit as he pressed into her.

"Who does your pussy belong to, Jana?

" He demanded, his cock sliding free only to thrust into her even harder then before, his left hand gripping her thigh and pulling her more tightly against him,

almost as though he couldn't fuck her hard enough.

For a long moment she couldn't respond, the high pitched screams over taking her lips as he kept his frantic pace,

his cock pounding into her sweet pussy in a way that would practically brand her for life.

"Y...y...you Lord Morlis," she screamed, her back arching as he thrust deeply into her.

"Good girl," he moaned. "I'll always own you...forever," his words a demand, not a request.

His eyes locked to her own as he continued to thrust against her, his head dipping down to capture a nipple between his teeth.

"Cum for me baby....cum all over my cock."

Her fingers curled into his shoulders, her nails digging into his flesh as his teeth and lips teased at her nipple, his cock fucking her mercilessly,

grinding into her untried depths with a force that bespoke of his inner demonic nature, making sure to tease her clit with each grinding rotation of his hips.

She was close, her body writhing without control beneath each forceful thrust, her whimpered cries revealing just how close she was to her release.

His hips gained speed and he slammed his cock into her pussy, his lips sucking hard on her nipples as he fucked her, claiming her body and forcing it to succumb to him.

Her body tightened beneath his seconds before her shrill scream ripped through the woods, her pussy tightening convulsively upon his cock as she came,

her tight walls clenching on his cock to the point that he could not contain his own release and with a final thrust he buried his cock within her,

a growled roar ripping from his lips as he joined her in her release, stream after stream of his cum filling her, his essence marking her, only further claiming her as his own.

Collapsing over her he laid against her, his cock remaining buried in her sweet pussy, his lips brushing gently over her own as she panted against his lips,

"You're mine now Janarra. Forever."

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