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roman Zombie art is dead.
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True story depending on your definition. It took me quite some time to finally piece this together. I hope it is enjoyed.


The rustic sheet of a door screams as we pull it like a scab

We step inside this warehouse can

Two floors - we're holding hands

His eyes lit like a crescent Moon - excited, he yells "daaad!"

Our head, like swaying swing

We see it all, tongue in cheek

Like controls without the freak

It's so much fun it stings

An asymmetric wasteland

Convenient and d istorted

The walls - bleak and boarded

A symbolic sleight of hand

This is where we feel

My father's on the catwalk

Like paranoia paraphernalia

My son's grip tightens, it's the only thing that's real

Absolute felicity

To realize what I have in the confines of my hand

Imperfection in the making - he doesn't understand

Skylarking permissably

A reverie to remember

His smile - sifting through his eyes

Warm, he maneuvers like the flies

He was born in December

Moving closer to my father

He's amidst the in-between

Consistently foreseen

His motion is no bother

He steps along the ply

Somehow keen in his demeanor

Four-years-old, but greener

Tossed and turning - it's the gleaner

The sheet has been disturbed

He's falling to his death

I'm blanketed in sweat

This cannot be deserved

My father's eyes - they match my own

I tear through the distance

Foreseeing and consistent

My father is a witness

The fear - he's fighting falling

We've never known it more

His tiny hands just wishing there were nails

Collective - we're losing all things

I grasp a finger as he falls but not enough to bring him back

My son approaches pavement as it fills my throat the same

I look him in the eyes...

I look him in the eyes... as they melt away in pain

My body wakes without my mind -

My body wakes without my mind - hysterically...

My body wakes without my mind - hysterically... screaming...

My body wakes without my mind - hysterically... screaming... "DAAAD!"

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