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roman Zombie art is dead.
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Painful things.

Baby Doll

The sun leans on the roof of Wanted workers.

The money they make is built on the money in graves.

Protest signs in dumpsters.

Astrology signs in caves.

The strings; they are pulling.

The strong; they are ashamed.

The weak; they are to blame.

Baby doll has no name.

I've been here once before and I'll never be again.

I've said that once before. This time I'll hold my breath.

It's certainly her body. Is it then her soul?

Is the fault that of the master? He must be in control.

I'll tell her it's alright, but the truth is I don't know.

Baby doll is not alone.

Baby doll does not know.

The sun bends past the roof.

The money has been made.

Protesters have been mistakes.

New parking's being paved.

Baby dolls don't have a face.

They are personified.

Baby dolls can not feel pain.

The master forces hand.

Baby doll's not in the plan.

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