My Real Experience With Terror - The Couch
My Real Experience With Terror - The Couch terror stories

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Part 1 - It is an account of what just happened to me on Sunday, 09 January 2020.

My Real Experience With Terror - The Couch

Like many nights, I was lying on my large couch, watching cartoons on Netflix with my son and wife.

My house is a townhouse, in the ground floor are the dinner room in front of he house, followed by a short corridor with a door to the toilet, and in the back, is a large room with a kitchen counter, making the division between the TV room and the kitchen. The kitchen has a door to the backyard.

My couch is against the kitchen counter where we daily use it to eat, we seldom use the dinner room. Upstairs there are the two bedrooms and my office, our suite in the front, followed by a corridor with a door to my office, and in the back is my son's bedroom, both bedroom with balcony.

I was there on the couch, waiting for the time when everybody goes to sleep, that is the time I usually go to my office to use the computer. My wife asked my son to go upstairs to get ready to sleep. I was awake, but resting my eyes, keeping them closed.My wife had thought I was sleeping and turned off the TV and the lights, going upstairs also to go to bed.

I remained lying on the couch, I opened my eyes and see that the lights were off in the TV room and in the kitchen, and looking at the short corridor I could see that my wife had left the light in the dinner room on, which makes the TV room not completely dark. I thought of staying there for a couple of minutes before going to my office.

Suddenly, I started to hear a low noise behind the couch, behind the kitchen counter.

It was a sound when we open and close our moths salivating, almost the noise when someone is eating with the mouth a little bit opened. "Strange. I'm alone here.", I thought. So, I opened my eyes and tried to listen to that sound better.

I could hear my wife and son talking upstairs, I heard the sound of cars in distance, some very low voices in the neighbors, maybe their televisions, and in the backyard I realized that my wife had left the washing machine working, but I could not listen to that sound behind the kitchen counter again.

I thus concluded that it was my imagination.

After a couple of minutes, I was not hearing the voices of my wife and son, but the washing machine was not finished yet, I was almost ready to get up and go to turn on my computer.

Then, that sound behind the kitchen counter was back, it was definitely a noise of someone eating, but it was still a discrete sound, thus making it very real to me.

This time, an uncomfortable feeling came to me, like a beginning of fear. "I'm sure there is no one here in the kitchen. My wife and son are already sleeping. Did one of them come to eat some of the cake that left over from my son's birthday?" I thought, trying to make that situation logic, and not thinking about other things.

"Wait! If my wife or son is in the kitchen, why the hell the lights are off?

", I thought while looking the poor light coming from the dinner room in the short corridor, a gradient of the lack of the light, making the kitchen extreme dark. "They would never eat in this dark.", I thought while the logic started to go away and the thoughts of others things arrives.

All of a sudden, I heard that sound very much clearer, there was no doubt there was someone there, and I was certain it is eating something. I began to feel the actual fear while my mind could not provide to me any plausible explanation.

Then, I feel like, whatever or whoever it was, leaning from behind the kitchen counter to look at me, eventually reaching my field of view. That increasing feeling of fear had went away and a completely terror arrived. The immediate action I took was to close my eyes, whatever it was I didn't want to see it.

"I need to get out of here, right now! I need to make the run to the light!", I thought while I started to act as fast as possible.

No movements, I could not move, my body paralyzed. A completely and out of control panic got me. "If I don't do anything that thing is going to kill me, or worse. I need to ask for help.

I'm sure when my wife come here and turn on the lights that thing will go away.", So, I started to shout for help. I wanted to shout "Honey!", it is how I call my wife, I rarely call her by her name.

I tried really hard to shout, but my mouth was unnaturally shut, I could not open my mouth, no matter how a tried. My panic was increasing wildly and I started to be unable to think, my survival instincts took control of my actions.

My body in a desperate attempt to cling to life started to make the loudest possible sound with my mouth closed, murmuring, trying to make it reach upstairs for help,

and my whole body began to struggle, an attempting of having any part of my body moving, to make some sound by hitting the couch with my arms, legs, head, anything.

Everything was useless, my murmurings was not loud enough and my body was still, not completely still because I could force my chest up and down, but it was not a significant movement.

I felt like I stayed lying on the couch in that desperation, terror and panic, for a minute or more. Then I could move and shout, "Honey!", my voice was released.

It was a relief being able to take control of my voice and body again. In a blink of an eye, I made my run to the dinner room without looking at the place where that thing would be, and hoping that it did not decide to attack. I finally got in the light, but I wanted to stay away from that floor, thus I went upstairs.

I saw my wife in the suite bathroom and my son in the other bathroom, they were brushing their teeth and getting ready to lie in bed. My face should be white, my eyes were wide open, and I was breathing fast, but I did not want to scare them, specially my son. Somehow, I knew that whatever it was, it was gone. So, I sat on the bed trying to relax and control my breath.

My wife realized that something was not right with me, "Honey, are you with headache again?", my wife asked in the moment she laid her eyes on me. I nodded negatively, and I remained still. I did not want to talk about what just happened while my son was still around, but I felt that I needed to talk to somebody.

After my son went to sleep in his bedroom, I told what happened to my wife. She got scared, specially the fact that I told her I was awaken during the whole episode. But she did not think there was really something downstairs, she said it was an episode of Sleep Paralysis.

I really hope she is right...

To be continued. Part 2 -> My Real Experience With Terror - The Research

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