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A short story of Christoff Castle

Christoff Castle

A famous billionaire, only child, eccentric, that indirectly accumulated power over the local policy by contributions to election campaigns of his candidates and friends.

He is known by building an industrial empire of several factories of different sectors, starting with a paper factory, a family heritance.

Christoff is an active investor at the Silicon Valley, financing a lot of R&D projects, that sometimes provide him a patent.

Besides, Christoff has several properties around the country including, houses, apartments and shops. Recently, he even invested in the cinematographic industry.

Most of his influence and resources were in the biggest city of the world, New York City, where he belonged to the elite class.

Christoff, now, is a vampire, like his creator, Magnos, a vampire of a thousand years. Magnos, for centuries, is part of the most influent vampire society in the world, the Ancient Ones.

He has influence and power over the Society, but he had never occupied a formal position.

Magnos is definitely a prestigious lord, a huge advantage for Christoff, bringing opportunities for rising within the Ancient Ones, obtaining even more power.

Magnos is so respected, largely due to the fact of being the child of Uhtric (one of the oldest vampires still awake) and for spending a few centuries assisting him to take care of the legacy

of Uhtric's murdered creator, The Emperor (one of the most powerful vampires that walked on Earth from the age of the old testament).

Christoff was being prepared to be the heir of Magnos's empire.

Magnos used to take Christoff everywhere, introducing him to all important vampires, taught him the art of manipulation, politics and about the occult.

The most valuable lesson was how to increase and maintain the influence in mortal world, and how to take advantage of it to, little by little, gain power in the Ancient Society.

Christoff thought everything was going well, he was already tasting the power, he was already doing detailed plans to increase his influence in the Ancient Society.

Different from his creator, he did not intend to stay in the shadows, he would pursue his place, a position in the leadership of the Society, get to the top of the tower.

However, something unexpected happened, Magnos granted the gift of immortality again.

Johnathan showed himself very ambitious, but he did not desire the same power as Christoff, Johnathan did not care about the influence in mortal world, even less in the Society.

He was thirsty for the raw power. While Christoff spent hours at parties, meetings, seeking for contacts and allies, Johnathan spent his nights improving his vampiric powers.

Soon, Johnathan had surpassed his older "brother". Magnos taught him in several lines of powers, while Christof began to take care of his master's business.

Once, Magnos took his pupils to know an old friend, Uhtric. Christoff and Johnathan spent a few nights at Uhtric's castle in Ukraine, the old haven of The Emperor.

Magnos and Uhtric reminded each other of the old times, telling their adventures over the Europe and the New World.

While Uhtric talked, Christoff realized that despite of his thousands of years, he hated his condition as a vampire.

He also noticed that even almost a thousand years after his master's destruction, Uhtric still had a sense of honor and compromising to watch over the interests of his old master.

Christoff, after all, had a deep affection for Johnathan. "We will be the heirs of an empire. You the politic force, and me the military force.", Johnathan used to say.

However, something seemed to be wrong. Christoff started to notice weird behaviors, like Johnathan going out mysteriously.

Christoff tried to talked to Johnathan to find out what was happening, but he only got dodges and lies. Christoff even talked to Magnos, but he did not listen.

It seemed that Magnos had something in mind, something that required all of his attention.

Once, after a trip to take care of some Society's business, Christoff arrived home and found that Johnathan had left, leaving only the ashes of Magnos.

The Ruler (a vampire responsible to maintain the law in the Society) told Christoff that Johnathan was seduced by promises of power from a rival vampire lineage, the Tychons, that offered instructions in the occult vampiric powers.

At last, the Ruler advertised Christoff to be careful, because the Johnathan's job might not be over.

When moving to another haven, once his master's mansion was no longer safe, Christoff found a letter written by Johnathan:

"Dear Christoff, If you are reading this, it means what I needed to do has been done, at least part of it.

You, like me, always knew that my place is not here. I need to go somewhere else, where I can obtain what I desire so much, with all my strengths, power.

Different from you, I would never be anybody by playing those games of manipulation and influence.

Unfortunately, I had to do something that I am not proud of, but I do not regret it. At least your life I could save.

It seems that we will never be the duo we said, "political force" and "military force". "

That was a sock for Christoff. In the end, they were still brothers.

A few months later, Uhtric paid a surprise visit to Christoff. Uhtric told him a story:

"Faustina, was an Italian noble. Faustina, like Johnathan was ambitious with a deadly dedication, that The Emperor valued very much. I soon realized her real intentions.

She desired to dispose my creator. However, it did not matter how much I tried to warn my master, he did not listen. For years, I tried so hard to prevent the worst.

At the end, Faustina with his allies, the Tychons, attacked and destroyed my creator.

Christoff, your story is very similar to mine.

If you allow me and if it is your desire, I can guide you, I know very well what you are going through,

what comes ahead and how to overcome the obstacles to keep the memory of your master and his interests."

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